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LIBS 201 : 

LIBS 201 Lecture Two: An overview of the paper assignments

Changes to the Syllabus : 

Changes to the Syllabus The due date for Paper #1 has been pushed back slightly to allow you more time to find a topic The Term Paper proposal deadline has been pushed back so as not to interfere with your drafting of Paper #3 Some lectures have been collapsed together – this may happen a few more times

This week: DB #s 5-8: 

This week: DB #s 5-8 Discuss Bauerlein’s Preface, Intro, and first chapter in DB #5 Respond to someone else’s post for DB #6 For DB #7, respond to Bauerlein’s second chapter Respond to someone else’s post for DB #8

This week: Intro to Paper #1: 

This week: Intro to Paper #1 Assignment sheet available in Handouts folder of Course Documents by Tuesday morning

“Research Essays” vs “Research Papers”: 

“Research Essays” vs “Research Papers” Ballenger makes a distinction between essays, in which you test the truth of an idea or discover what might be true, and papers, which sets out to prove a thesis based on researched evidence Cf. the chart on p. 14 Your first two papers in this class will be research essays, while Paper #3 and the term paper will be research papers

Paper #s 1 and 2: 

Paper #s 1 and 2 Paper #1: an exploratory essay on one of the issues in Bauerlein Don’t worry if you haven’t finished the book before you start drafting! Paper #2: a similar essay on an issue in Jacoby You may want to use part of Spring Break to get ahead in Jacoby to allow for more topics 750-1250 words (roughly 3-5 pages) Sources: at least two, from the books or from outside research – Works Cited pages are required!

Paper #3 and the Term Paper: 

Paper #3 and the Term Paper Paper #3: a short argumentative paper on an issue related to Bauerlein or to Jacoby 750-1250 words (roughly 3-5 pages) Sources: at least three, from the books or from outside research The Term Paper: a sustained argument on a larger theme from the books 2000-2500 words (roughly 8-10 pages) Sources: at least five

By next week...: 

By next week... Read Ballenger’s suggestions on finding a potential topic Be thinking about a potential topic for Paper #1 Review MLA documentation in Lecture #3 Enjoy the books and the discussion!

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