LIBS 201 Lecture Six-Spring 2016

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LIBS 201 :

LIBS 201 Lecture Six: Annotated Bibliography, Paper #4, and wrapping up the semester

Paper #4:

Paper #4 An argumentative paper proposing a specific course of action to solve a social justice issue in Chicago Must be based in Chicago or some other locality First third: establishes that the problem exists (much like Paper #3) Second third: introduces your solution Third third : addresses any counterarguments At least 2000 words (at least eight pages) Sources: at least six, all from outside research – Works Cited pages are required!

Sample Outline:

Sample Outline P1 – Intro (hook, brief introduction to the issue, your thesis – “My solution to the problem is…”) P2-5 – Facts of the case – what is the issue, how did it begin, what is the current status, why is this a problem, et cetera P6 – Restatement of thesis; First reason you believe your solution is a valid one – evidence, analysis P7 - Second reason you believe your solution is a valid one – evidence, analysis

Sample Outline:

Sample Outline P8 – Third reason you believe your solution is a valid one – evidence, analysis P9-11 - Counterargument – reasons why someone else may disagree, why they are wrong/right P12 – Conclusion – Summing up the issue, explaining why it must be solved

Annotated Bibliography:

Annotated Bibliography Separate assignment – this does not replace the Works Cited page of your paper! Six sources – not necessarily the same one you will use in the final paper Annotations (100-150 words each) provide an overview of the rhetorical context of the source, a short summary of the piece, and an explanation of how the source will (or will not) help you develop your claim Samples in Handouts; Link to explanatory video in Web Links

The remaining DB’s:

The remaining DB’s This week: Tell us about your proposed topic in DB #19 – you should respond to a peer’s proposal in DB #20. I will approve topics by Friday night Next week: DB #21 will respond to samples of Paper #4 that I will post. DB #22 will address your research progress, while DB #23 will respond to a peer’s post The final week: DB #24 will respond to questions about the class in general that I will post, and DB #25 will respond to a peer’s post

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