LIBS 201 Lecture Two - Spring 2016

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Social Justice and Paper #1 Overview


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LIBS 201 :

LIBS 201 Lecture Two: An overview of Social Justice and Paper #1

Social Justice: An Overview:

Social Justice: An Overview S ocial justice – the fair and just relation between the individual and society Based on the belief that all individuals should be able to fulfill their potential and have the opportunities to do so, regardless of who they are Social mobility Fair distribution of wealth Equal opportunity Inclusiveness

Social Justice: An Overview:

Social Justice: An Overview Both “a process and a goal,” according to Bell Hampered by oppression, which is pervasive, restrictive, hierarchical, complex, and internalized Oppression tends to revolve around an “-ism” such as racism, classism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, ableism, and so on Oppression also operates on multiple levels: individual, institutional, or social/cultural, and can be conscious, unconscious, or both All forms of oppression are destructive and interconnected

Social Justice: An Overview:

Social Justice: An Overview Confronting oppression benefits us all Assigning blame helps no one; taking responsibility helps everyone Young: Oppression has five faces: Exploitation Marginalization Powerlessness Cultural Imperialism Violence

Paper #1: Young:

Paper #1: Young Paper #1 Assignment Sheet available in Assignments The research question to be answered: H ow are you (or members of the larger group(s) to which you belong) either affected by or possibly contributing to one or more of the five forms of oppression described in the essay? Use the exercise in Tatum’s essay to complete the sentence “I am _____” in about sixty seconds, then use this as the basis for your essay Drafts are due by 11:59pm on 2/29

This week: DB #s 3-4:

This week: DB #s 3-4 Read the assigned texts, then answer at least four of the questions in DB #3 Respond to someone else’s post for DB # 4 Diagnostics should be marked and back to you by the end of this week

Next week...:

N ext week... Read Harro and Young Be thinking about how to start drafting Paper #1 Review MLA documentation in Lecture #3 Enjoy the essays and the discussion!

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