LIBS 201 Lecture Six

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LIBS 201 :

LIBS 201 Lecture Six: Wrapping Up

Paper #3::

Paper #3: You may only do Paper #3 if you have a C average or less in the course once Paper #2 has been graded The paper will be graded the same as the first two papers If your grade on Paper #3 is the same as the first two papers, it will not be averaged into your grade – this paper should only help you, not hurt you Same sort of paper as Paper #3 – exploratory essay, not argumentative essay

This week::

This week: Read the Term Paper assignment sheet and respond to the questions in DB #17 on Wednesday – respond to a peer for DB #18 by Thursday

The Term Paper:

The Term Paper Should address a local, real-world issue of social justice in the Chicago area The first fourth of the paper (2-3 pages) should explain what the problem is and argue why it is a problem requiring a solution The remaining three fourths of the paper (6-8 pages) should state your proposed solution to the problem and give at least three reasons why the solution is a valid one, supported with outside evidence

The Term Paper:

The Term Paper May include interviews with local experts in the problem you are addressing, so long as they are experts and so long as you include no more than two such sources in the paper At least six sources required (not including Sandel or Florida themselves) MLA documentation only – any papers documented incorrectly will immediately be docked a full letter grade! Papers must be formatted correctly as well!

Next week: Paper #3 & The Term Paper:

Next week: Paper #3 & The Term Paper Read the sample Term Papers in the Handouts folder of Course Documents, then tell us the grades you’d give them and why in DB #21 The Paper #3 assignment sheet will be available Post your Term Paper proposal in the appropriate forum on Friday

The last two weeks: The Term Paper:

The last two weeks: The Term Paper After Thanksgiving, post your research progress on the Term Paper in DB #22 on Wednesday, then respond to a peer’s post for DB #23 on Friday In the last week, post your Term Paper draft to your peer group on Monday Respond to the self-assessment questions in DB #24 by Tuesday, then respond to a peer’s response for DB #25 by Friday Peer evaluation for the Term Paper should be completed by Friday


Grades The Term Paper is due in Assignments by 11:59pm on Friday, December 14 Paper #3 is also due that Friday, should you choose to do it Grades for the Term Paper and the course will be posted no later than the Thursday following the due date for the Term Paper

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