What Commercial Drivers Need To Know About Negligent Operator Treatmen

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If you are driving in USA, it is a conditional privilege that requires all licensed drivers to obey the traffic laws and regulations in order to maintain their driver licenses. To know more about the NOTS points, watch this presentation!


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What Commercial Drivers Need To Know About Negligent Operator Treatment System NOTS Points

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00 50 Higher NOTS Points The DMV assesses only those for speeding conviction in a CMV 1.5 NOTS points whereas for the same speeding ticket conviction received from non-CMV driver peers. However it is rare in a commercial vehicle that major convictions felonies and misdemeanors get 3 NOTS points instead of 2 in a CMV.

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00 Additional Points The DMV permits additional NOTS points based on below timeframes for CDL holders before a suspension:- 6 NOTS points in 12 month 8 NOTS points in 24 months 10 NOTS points in 36 months

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00 3 Conditions for Higher Point Count On DMV NOTS Portal The driver shouldnt have an endorsement for a school farm labor transport ambulance tour bus or Hazardous Materials HazMat They shouldnt have 4 points or more in 12 months 6 or more in 24 months and 8 or more in 36 months attributable to vehicle operation requires a class C drivers license. It doesnt require a certificate or endorsement or motorcycle license The driver needs to inquire for and present before a DMV Hearing.

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00 Legal Representation The DMV doesnt want you to have legal representation. However it is advisable as traffic ticket attorneys have current knowledge of CA traffic code and know about ticket removal if they are not valid.

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For CDL Speeding Ticket Resolution Contact TVC Pro Drivers. 00

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