4 Things You Need To Remember When You Get CDL Tickets

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Speeding tickets penalties get imposed even when the CDL holder is operating their private vehicle and goes through some unfortunate circumstance. In this presentation we discuss the four things all CLD holders should need to remember when you get CDL Tickets...


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4 Things You Need To Remember When You Get CDL Tickets

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Always remember that the regulations are applicable even when you are driving your car or truck. So if you get a speeding ticket in your personal vehicle it still influences your CSA score. Follow All Regulations

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The ticket charge differs in all states and is costlier than you assume. In a few states CDL holders might face approx. 1.5 times the points than a regular four- wheeler driver for a speeding ticket. Charges Differ

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Also a CDL driver cannot do much when a ticket turns into points on their CSA. Mostly in all states truck drivers are not able to attend traffic school instead of points. CSA Score

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It creates complications for the drivers. In case you get speeding tickets several times then you are at risk of losing your CDL. Multiple Tickets

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For CDL tickets resolution contact TVC Pro Drivers.

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