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INTRODUCTION SMU Presented by T. Valenta MSN, RN, PHN

Clinical Competence:

Clinical Competence Establish & Maintain Rapport Demonstrate Empathy Instill Confidence Use appropriate non-verbal communication Elicit information clearly, effectively Actively listen Inform/educate/counsel Provide a careful, thorough PE/treatment

Establish and maintain rapport:

Establish and maintain rapport Appropriate address Set agenda Collaboration Ask consent for obtaining PE Respect client’s modesty Assume patient intelligence Always respectful Professionally dressed

Demonstrate Empathy:

Demonstrate Empathy Express concern Attempt to express understanding impact of condition/situation Concern about client’s discomfort Warm and caring Seem genuine Seem to like client Positive reinforcement

Instill Confidence:

Instill Confidence Convey confident demeanor Authoritative vs. tentative Offer to provide information from other sources as needed Comfortable with level of expertise

Use Appropriate Non-verbal Communication:

Use Appropriate Non-verbal Communication Professional posture Natural, poised posture Appropriate eye contact Eye contact while listening Personal distance Body language

Elicit Information :

Elicit Information Open ended questions Closed ended questions Articulate Straight forward Direct questions Focused Conversational

Active Listening:

Active Listening Eye contact Allow patient to talk Writing Listening to patient response Attentive Body language Clarify


Inform/Educate/Counel Explain procedures Periodic feedback Summarize information Offer to get information Explain medical terms Explain as you go

Conduct Exam:

Conduct Exam Thorough exam Address chief complaint Use time well Thorough Bilateral Smooth Watch patient non-verbal