Roof Shingles For Your Home

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Looking to build a new roof or replace your old roof for your home Then you may want to consider the various material options available for residential roofs. You may use roof shingles which are a type of roof covering that consist of individual pieces installed overlapping one another to add more protection especially from leaking. Shingles have been used as roof coverings for ages now and have provided to be a more effective solution to protect the home from various weather conditions due to the way they are installed. But which roof shingle material should you use Well there are a variety of options available for you to choose from. Check out the strengths and weaknesses of each material type and then decide upon which one would be the best for you depending upon the type of house you live in the location and the climatic conditions throughout the year. Asphalt These are the oldest types of roofing materials used which provide excellent insulation to protect the interior from outdoor climates. They can last for 20 long years and are comparatively inexpensive when weighed against other roofing materials. Slate Slate is another traditional material but one that is better and more durable than asphalt. Slate can provide quality resistance from water and damage and can last for around 80 years Because it is extremely strong resistant and durable there are not many maintenance costs and efforts thus making this expensive material cost-effective.

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Wood Wood has also been a traditional material but is not a good choice in areas where there is heavy rainfall or areas that are prone to fire. Other than this wood is durable to last for about 30-50 years and is also aesthetically better than asphalt. However it is a little expensive. Tiles Tiles are the most expensive materials you can use for your home. However there is a reason to this. Tiles are comparatively much better than other materials. They are fire-resistant and protective against rain snow and wind. They also have better aesthetic appeal and are durable enough to last for more than 50 years Metal Metal roofs are made from thin lightweight materials making it easy to install and maintain. They have a good impact resistance they are good insulators and are efficient in shedding rain and snow. They can last anywhere between 50-80 years. Also they are available in a variety of colours and designs to choose from to go well with your home’s design and colour. Polycarbonate This is the best material you can choose if you are looking for a transparent roof. Well you may not require a transparent roof in your home but when you are looking for home extensions like a garage patio sunroom skylight etc. you can always consider Tuflite Polymers’ polycarbonate roofing sheets. This material is strong flexible tough impact resistant UV resistant light in weight and durable. Choose the best roof shingles for your home that best suit your requirements and preferences. Make sure to weigh all the pros and cons of each first.