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Polycarbonates are highly replacing glass for building skylights because of various benefits it has against glass. Some of them include being light in weight, stronger, durable, insulating, flexible, and environment-friendly.


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The purpose of a skylight is to bring in light into an otherwise opaque structure which makes it obvious that the material to be used for building it should be transparent or at least translucent. The most traditional material that was used for building skylights since decades was glass because there was nothing more transparent than glass. But this material was also heavy brittle expensive and hard to transport carry and cut. This is why this material slowly and gradually gave way to other materials out of which the most exclusive one was polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a transparent material that is much light in weight yet much durable than glass. This is the reason it is used in a variety of applications today where glass was otherwise used one of the most popular application being skylights. Listed below are the reasons why polycarbonate has gained so much popularity in the constructional industry. Light yet strong Polycarbonate is extremely light in weight which makes it very easily to carry transport handle and install. But this doesn’t have it compromising on its strength. Polycarbonate which is lesser than half the weight of glass has an impact resistance that is 200 times that of glass So you can imagine how durable and strong the material is Any kind of impact – rain hail stone or storm – can do no harm to the structure.

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Adaptability Polycarbonate is flexible which helps us to use it even in a circular or domed fashion. Glass was a rigid and sturdy material that couldn’t be bent but polycarbonate can be easily bent and used as per our design making it a preferred option for architects and designers. Moreover it can also be easily drilled and cut with the help of sharp-toothed scissors or circular saws without cracking or producing harmful shards like in the case of glass. Environment-friendliness Polycarbonate requires very less energy to be produced than other competing products. Moreover it is also recyclable unlike other common materials. Thus it is very environment- friendly one of the reasons for nature lovers to opt for this material. Furthermore it is also friendly to the human skin and plants as it comes with a special UV protective layer on one side which does not let the harmful UV radiations from the sun to penetrate into the structure. Insulation Polycarbonate has very low thermal conductivity which makes it a very good insulator thus keeping the structures warm during winters and cool during summers. Especially multiwall polycarbonate sheets with multiple layering of polycarbonate trap the air into the hollow interior thus enhancing insulation. With all these benefits and more polycarbonate is gaining popularity across the globe for various kinds of applications like skylights skywalks awnings patios carports greenhouses conservatories airports stadiums and more. For any such transparent structure you can get in touch with Tuflite Polymers one of the most reputed polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in India who provide a wide range of polycarbonates of the best quality ranging in colours textures and types.

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