The Brown Legacy Chapter 1.1

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The Brown Legacy:

The Brown Legacy Chapter 1.1: A Fresh Start

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Hank Brown surveyed the land in front of him. It was all that was left of his family fortune. His parents had squandered all of their money on fast cars, big houses, and fancy vacations. But, that life had never suited him, he preferred to read and be outside. His favorite books were on the Ancient Egyptians. They had been some of the first farmers in history, using the rich mud of the Nile to cultivate the land. Hank dreamed of being just as successful as them someday.

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But, at the moment all he had on the plot of land was a small garden and a barn. Hank didn’t have enough money to afford a house, so he set up a small bed, a bathroom, and kitchen in the barn. It wasn’t much, but he knew how to work the earth, and someday soon he would be able to afford a home. Hank dreamed of building a beautiful farmhouse for him, a wife, and five children. He had been an only child and he knew that he didn’t want that kind of lonely life for any of his offspring.

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After getting a good night’s rest, Hank went to the store and bought tomato, apple, and grape seeds. He spent all day tilling, planting, watering, and weeding. With each passing hour, Hank’s mood grew more and more happy. For the first time in his life, he was going to make money, his own money, which he desperately needed. With only $115 in the bank and bills to pay, Hank barely had enough to keep food on the table. But Hank knew he had talent. He had always been told that he had a green thumb, and was quite the fisherman. It was only a matter of time before he would have enough money to make his dreams come true.

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Hank spent the rest of the week fishing and tending to his garden. It was a lot of work, but Hank didn’t mind. He always felt as if he belonged outdoors and he spent as much time there as he could. But, he still felt as if something were missing. For all of their faults, his parents had had a happy and love filled marriage. Hank wanted the same; he wanted a wife who would also be his best friend. But, he was so busy that he didn’t know if he would have the time to go out and meet someone.

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That weekend, Hank decided to explore the town a little bit. His favorite spot soon became the local gym. But, it wasn’t the state of the art equipment or fancy swimming pool, it was Tori. Hank had seen her stretching and it took him a full twenty minutes to work up the courage to talk to her. “Hi, my name is Hank. I am pretty new in town.” Tori was taken aback. She had lived in Sunset Valley for six months, but no man had even made eye contact with her. “Hi, I’m Tori. I am new in town too.” As she said this, Tori flashed a huge smile. Hank could feel the butterflies in his stomach multiply rapidly, Tori was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

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Tori and Hank spent the next three hours simply standing in the treadmill room of the gym talking. Hank told Tori right of the bat that he was a farmer. He was afraid she would become disinterested, but she smiled. “Hank, that is very admirable. I’ve never met a farmer though. Tell me about it.” The two continued to talk until an attendant told them that the gym was closing.

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Hank leaned to give Tori a small peck on the cheek, but she surprised him by turning so that his lips met hers instead. Hank leaned back, surprised. Tori was blushing. “Sorry, I was just so caught up in the moment. “ Hank smiled, rather roguishly. “That’s ok, I don’t mind at all.” He kissed her again. “I’ll call you tomorrow, if that’s alright.” Tori said it would be fine and the two went their separate ways.

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The next day, Hank called Tori. However, she sounded very upset. He asked her what was wrong. “Hank, my boss asked me to travel to Shang Simla for a few months to do some business. But, I really like you. I think that we have something.” Hank was devastated. He was extremely attracted to Tori and even had a feeling that she was the one. He told her it was okay, that they could talk every day on the phone. “Thanks for understanding, Hank. You are the best.”

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The two did talk every day. Some days they would only speak for a few minutes because she was busy with work, but other days they would spend hours on the phone. But, no matter the time or the distance, Tori and Hank fell in love.

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When Tori finally returned, it was if they had never been separated. As Hank held her in his arms, he knew that she was the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

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“Tori Kimara , I know that for most of our relationship we have been apart, but I know that you are the perfect woman for me. You are beautiful on the outside and the inside. Would you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me?” Hank presented Tori with his mother’s wedding ring. It was the last thing of his parents that he owned; the rest had been sold to pay off their debts. To him, it represented their happy marriage and he hoped it would have the same luck for them.

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“Hank, of course I will marry you! I love you more than anything!” Hank slipped the ring on her finger and it fit perfectly. He took it as a sign that this was meant to be. “Tori, I don’t have much to offer you, only a simple farm. But, I know that together, we can make a wonderful life.” “Sweetheart, those are the most beautiful words that you have ever said to me.”

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The two didn’t have much money, so they decided to marry privately, in front of the garden. It didn’t matter to them though; all they needed was love and each other. After they were married, Hank said, “Tori, we better get started on those five kids I want.” Tori simply laughed and the two headed off towards the barn.