The Brown Legacy: Chapter 1.4

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The Brown Legacy:

The Brown Legacy Chapter 1.4 More Kids?

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When Tori went into labor, Hank was at the grocery store, selling the week’s produce. After she called a baby sitter to watch over the other three children, she called her husband to inform him that he should meet her at the hospital. Standing outside of the hospital was Tori’s friend, Betty. She had just gotten off of her shift and was surprised to see Tori making her way to the entrance. “Tori, I thought you weren’t due for another month!” she exclaimed. “I’m not, but I’m having contractions .” Tori replied. The fear was evident in her voice.

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Although Tori went into labor a month early, the second Brown daughter entered into the world without a hitch. After running a few tests, the doctors pronounced her healthy and both mom and baby were released two days after the birth. Tori and Hank were thrilled to have another daughter. With Hattie all grown up and two boys in between, they forgot how wonderful it was to have a little girl. In keeping with their naming tradition, the child was named Cleopatra. Although she was technically Greek, Cleopatra was one of the most famous of the Egyptian pharaohs. Because the name was so long for such a little Sim , Hank began to call her Cleo.

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The day after Cleo was brought home from the hospital, there was a double birthday in the Brown household. Hank was so busy, that he didn’t even realize that it was his day to finally become an adult. He was pleased with what he had accomplished in his young adult life. His farm was growing, and although it was slightly hard to make ends meet, it was doing much better than when he had first started. He had four beautiful children and a wife that both loved an supported him. Though the aches and pains of growing up were beginning to set in, he couldn’t wait to see what his adult life held for him! A/N: Isn’t this picture of Hank hilarious???

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The second birthday was Hattie’s. Tori was amazed that her eldest child was going to be a teenager! She was excited to teach her how to become a successful young woman. Hattie was also quite excited to age up. Becoming a teen meant that she could finally do all of the cool things that teenagers do. She was hoping that her parents could save up the money to send her on the school trip to Al Simhara . She was an avid fisherwoman and heard that there were exotic and unusual fish there. Plus, she would be able to visit the land in which her namesake ruled. With Hattie growing up, Hank realized that he still needed one more child in order to fulfill his dream. But, he wasn’t sure if his family finances could handle a seventh Brown., especially if he wanted to help fulfill his precious daughter’s dream as well.

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Hattie grew up to be a beautiful teen. She had her father’s unusual grey eyes, but her mother’s glossy, black hair. She was incredibly brave and friendly, but she was happiest spending time in the fresh air while fishing. Tori and Hank were thrilled that their daughter had grown up so well. She willingly helped out with the younger children and keeping the house clean, while still maintaining an A average at school. They could only hope that their other children would turn out just as well.

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After a few months at home with Cleo, Tori was finally able to return to work. She still dreamed of being the mayor of the city. Although she loved her children, her workaholic tendencies made it difficult to stay at home for long periods of time. On her first day back, her friend Joanne picked her up. They had known each other since they started working at City Hall. Joanne asked after the baby’s health and the other children, while Tori asked how things were at the office. Joanne said that the current supervisor had been promoted and that there was an opening in the department. Tori was elated. She thought if she worked extra hard, she could get the promotion and the bonus that came with it.

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The end of the growing season was coming to an end. Soon, winter would be coming, and Hank would have several months off from farming. This season had been very good. The weather had been perfect and he had experimented with some new types of produce from the grocery store. Hank was finally able to feel like he was able to provide completely for his family. During the off season, he would still continue fishing to keep a steady income. However, because it was the off season, he thought it was the perfect time to bring a new family member into the mix.

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It always seemed that there was a birthday in the Brown house! It seemed like only yesterday that Cleo was born, but all of a sudden she was becoming a toddler. It was a rather low-key event. Hattie wasn’t home, she was having dinner with a few of her friends. Ramses was too concerned with playing with the peg box and Sety was asleep. However, Tori and Hank were celebrating. Though, they weren’t aware of how hard it would be to raise three toddlers at once.

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That night, after the children went to bed, Hank brought up the idea of having another child. However, Tori shot him down almost immediately. “Hank, now is not the time to have another child. Cleo is an infant and Sety is a toddler. Not to mention, money is tight and I am working hard to get a promotion. Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body and I honestly don’t know if I could handle another pregnancy. “ Hank was crushed, but he had a feeling she would answer in that way. “Tori, I respect your opinion and I knew that this would be a difficult decision for us to make. But, this season has been so good and we have enough money to get us through the next couple months. Would you consider adopting another child?” Tori was touched at Hank’s response, she hadn’t expected him to take it well. Although she had lofty career goals, she did love being a mother……

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A few months after they made the decision to adopt a fifth child, little Nefertiti Brown entered the family. Hank was instantly smitten with his third daughter, whom he affectionately called Ti. She was a rather quiet baby, she was content to sit in her crib and watch the mobile on the ceiling, occasionally cooing in delight. Surprisingly, the addition of another child brought Tori and Hank closer together. Tori took a month off to make sure that Ti was adjusting well to the family and then returned to work. Hank would wake up early in the morning to fish and then took care of the household for the rest of the day.

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About a month after Ti was adopted, there was another birthday at the Brown household. Ramses was becoming a child! Hank was so excited to see his eldest son become a child. Ramses was an extremely smart toddler, he had learned to walk, use the toddler toilet, and say his first words within a manner of months. Hank had big hopes for him. Tori was also quite happy to see her son age up. Having three toddlers at once was quite stressful. She was putting in a ton of hours at work in hopes of getting the promotion to supervisor. The money from the bonus and the raise would help cover her family’s expenses during the winter off-season.

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Ramses loved being a child because it meant that he got to go to school. He was the star student in his grade and could often bee found at the public library reading books on every subject. His favorite thing however, was doing his homework with his mother. With five children in the house, it was rare that he got either of his parent’s undivided attention. Although he didn’t really need her help, Ramses like being with his mother and showing her how smart he was. Tori was proud of her son. He worked very hard in school, but still remained well-rounded. When he thought that nobody was looking, Ramses could be found playing with his younger siblings or doing extra chores.

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Cleo had also grown up well. Although she enjoyed spending time outside while her dad was farming or fishing, her favorite thing to do was play with her xylophone. Although she couldn’t play any real songs, she still banged on the notes all day, much to the annoyance to her parents and older siblings. Hank decided to put aside some of his money from this year’s crops to buy her a guitar for her next birthday.

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A few months later, it was Sety’s birthday. Hank was at a farmer’s convention a few hours away and Tori was once again working overtime. So, it was Hattie’s job to bring her brother to the cake. She was excited for her little brother to grow up. As toddlers, he and Ramses were very close, but when Ramses grew up, it was hard for them to play together. So, now that Sety would be a child, the brothers could once again be close.

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Sety did not grow up as well as his older two siblings. He didn’t not love the outdoors as much as the rest of his family , in fact, he hated being outside. He preferred to spend his time inside, painting or reading. He was much more quiet than his siblings, it was difficult to get a word out of him. Sety was also much neater than the rest of his family. With Tori working all day and Hank watching over the younger children, the house was not always in the cleanest state. It drove Sety crazy, so he always made the beds and cleaned up after his family.

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Once again, there was a birthday in the Brown household. This would be the last time that a baby transitioned into a toddler. Hank couldn’t help but feel extremely accomplished. He had five beautiful children, a loving wife, and a fairly successful career. He had a lot to be thankful for.