The Brown Legacy: Chapter 1.3: Chaos Ensues

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The Brown Legacy:

The Brown Legacy Chapter 1.3 Chaos Ensues

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Hank was in shock! He and Tori had been trying for so long to get pregnant and when they thought that they could have no more biological children, they adopted. “Sweetie, that’s incredible! A third child!” Tori smiled. She was thrilled as well. When Hank and her thought that they could no longer have children, she was devastated. But now, with her family expanding, Tori couldn’t be happier!

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Time was flying by in the Brown household. Tori’s pregnancy was progressing well, both baby and mother were healthy and happy. Pretty soon, Ramses was due to transition into a toddler. He was a pleasant baby, always smiling and cooing in his crib. Tori and Hank could only hope that this lasted into his terrible two’s.

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But, just as Tori blew out the candles for Ramses and set him down to transition, the pains of labor started! Hank panicked! The baby was not due for another week or two, and with this pregnancy so important to them, he was scared. So, he called a babysitter and rushed his wife to the hospital.

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But, everything worked out in the end. The labor went by quickly and in only a few hours, Tori gave birth to the couple’s second son. He was a healthy eight pounds even and Tori and Hank brought him home after only two days in the hospital. Keeping with his love of Ancient Egypt, Hank named his son Sety .

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A few days after Sety’s birth, it was the day that Hattie was going to become a child. Tori was amazed that Hattie was already a child. It seemed like only yesterday that she was a baby. Hank was also amazed, but also scared at the same time. Hattie was his little princess and soon she would be going off to school and away from his protection.

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But, Hank didn’t have anything to worry about, Hattie grew up into a beautiful young girl. She inheirted a love of the outdoors from her father and her favorite thing to do was to join her father early each morning to fish in the small pond on their property. Hank cherished these moments with Hattie. He made sure to take the time to teach her valuable skills that she could use later in life.

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When Hattie wasn’t fishing , she was doing her schoolwork. Her favorite subject was math. It offered her a small escape from the chaos in her house. With two small children running around, things could get very loud!

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Tori was able to return to her job at City Hall and she was very happy. Although she loved being a mother, she also loved helping people by making laws that made Sunset Valley a better place to live for everyone. But, she wasn’t able to go to work for long, because she began to suffer from bouts of morning sickness.

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“Hank, there is something that I have to tell you.” Tori told her husband with a worried look on her face. Hank was immediately worried. It took a lot to make Tori sad, normally she was a happy and bubbly person. “Hank, I’m pregnant again.” Tori was scared to how her husband would react. She knew that he wanted five kids, but money had been tight lately and another child would just add more strain. “Wow Tori! That’s great ! I mean, money is tight now, but you know how important family is to me!” Tori smiled, things would work out in the end.

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Soon, it was a double birthday in the Brown household. Little Sety was becoming was becoming a toddler…..

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And Ramses was becoming a child! Tori was relieved, handling three young children and being pregnant were taking their toll on her energy. Also, she and Hank were having a hard time. They had been arguing a lot over money lately, and Hank had spent more than one night on the couch. They were still paying off Tori’s hospital stay from the birth of Hattie, a small loan they had to take out to cover the losses in the field when Hank stayed with his girls in the hospitals, and then general bills .

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Hank often woke up before the sun came up and didn’t come inside until the sun went down. When he wasn’t tending to his crops, he was fishing in the pond to try and get some extra income for his family.

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Each Sunday, Hank would take his produce and fish to the market . It was the only place in town that he could sell his wares, but he wasn’t sure he was getting the best deal. However, Hank had only made it through high school, and he had no experience in which to argue with the store owner.

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When that month’s bills came in the mail, Hank felt relieved. This had been a good harvest month, so he had enough money to finish paying off the hospital bill! If next month was just as good, then he would most likely be able to pay off the loan he had to take out. Life was finally looking up for the Brown family.

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Tori’s pregnancy was going well. But she couldn’t help but to be worried about her husband. He had been working so hard lately and often came in and went straight to bed. But she hoped that since the hospital bills had been paid off, he would soon have more time to spend with his family.

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Hopefully that moment came soon, because the fourth Brown child was on its way!