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Charlotte’s Web RISING ACTION : When Charlotte asked Templeton to go and find some words for Wilbur at the junk yard. They thought Wilbur was going to be sold if he wasn’t amazing or won anything. Exposition- Wilbur the pig, Charlotte the spider, Fern the Daughter of Mrs. Arable, Avery is Ferns brother, Templeton the rat, Homer Zuckerman Ferns uncle. The story takes place at the barn. CLIMAX: When Templeton brought back some articles with the words “ Some Pig” was wrote in Charlotte’s web. When Mr. Zuckerman went to feed Wilbur he saw it ,and days later everybody from around town was at their barn . Falling Action: When Mrs. Arable and Mr. Zuckerman decided Wilbur was going to be in the fair completion, he placed 2 nd place to the other pig Uncle. When Charlotte wrote again in her web “ Humble,” everybody was amazed, but at the end of the day Charlotte became weak. CONFLICT: Is when Wilbur thought he was going to go to the smokehouse, or die. So he had to find help that’s when he had met Charlotte. Resolution: Charlotte had told Wilbur that she was getting weak ,and it was her time to go. So Templeton and Wilbur were responsible for her little spiders to get back to the barn .

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