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Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy can improve your sex life and physical health. It can increase your energy levels. If you wanna to feel alive again then Call us at 1-951-817-1005 so you can start experiencing the benefits of testosterone therapy today!


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Testosterone Hormone Therapy

What Is Testosterone?:

What Is Testosterone? Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important for sexual and reproductive development. Women also produce testosterone, but at lower levels than men. Why is testosterone important for boys and men? Testosterone helps bring on the physical changes that turn a boy into a man. This time of life is called puberty. Changes include Growth of the penis and testes Growth of facial, pubic, and body hair Deepening of the voice Building muscles and strong bones Getting taller


Low Testosterone Levels of testosterone naturally decrease with age. Early symptoms (changes you feel) and signs (abnormalities that your doctor finds) of low testosterone in men include: 1. A drop in sex drive 2. Low sperm count 3. Changes in mood 4. Decreased body hair 5. Weight gain 6. Hot flashes 7. Loss of muscle mass


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Contact TruCare Pharmacy If you are interested in getting further information about our compounding services , please contact our office. 1875 California Avenue, Corona, California 92881. 1-951-817-1005 1-951-817-1020 [email protected] http://trucaredrugs.com/patients-compounding/hormones-for-men/ If you need any further assistance regarding Testosterone Replacement Therapy , please don't hesitate to contact TruCare Pharmacy.