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TronicsZone,since 2003,is providing quality services in Electronic product design,software development,Prototyping in low cost.


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www.tronicszone.com Your Trusted Partners for Electronic Design Manufacturing Services

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m ABOUT TRONICSZONE Started in Jan 2003 TronicsZone is a highly reputed Electronic design Manufacturing firm based in Bangalore India. A highly talented workforce of Electronic Engineers Firmware Developers Technicians provide quality service. TronicsZone provides a one stop solution to customers. We handle complete Electronic Product life cycle including design programming prototyping testing manufacturing solutions. Specialized in Design of Complex Electronic Products Embedded Systems based on 32/16/8-bit Microcontrollers Processors SOCs FPGAs.

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m SERVICES OFFERED ✓ Electronic Hardware Design - Analog Digital Mixed Signal Circuit Design ✓ Embedded Systems Hardware Firmware/Software Design ✓ PCB Design Including Highly Complex Dense Multilayer PCBs ✓ Reverse Engineering Existing Products ✓ Electronic Prototyping – PCB Assembly basic Box Building ✓ Handling Of Low High-volume Electronic Manufacturing Service ✓ EMI/EMC Safety Standards provisioning to allow for easy product Certifications through 3 rd party labs as per International Standards FCC CE IEC EN Etc. A sample of our work

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m DOMAIN TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE ✓ Industrial Electronics Automation ✓ Instrumentation Measurement ✓ Consumer Electronics White Goods Appliances ✓ Medical Diagnostic Instruments Consumer Healthcare devices ✓ Wearable Devices ✓ IoT – Internet of Things ✓ Automotive Electronics Telematics ECU ✓ Short range wireless devices e.g. Wifi Bluetooth Zigbee ✓ Long range license free wireless devices e.g. Cellular Lora Sigfox NBIoT ✓ M2M Remote monitoring Control Telemetry Systems A sample of our work

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m EXTENSIVE EXPERTISE WITH All popular 32- 16- 8-bit Microcontrollers FPGAs: ✓ ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4/M7/A8/A9 ARM7 LPC43xx LPC40xx LPC17xx LPC178x STM32F0xx STM32F1xx STM32F4xx LPC8xx LPC12xx LPC13xx LPC2000 series etc. ✓ Power PC architecture SPC500 series Automotive grade ✓ Wireless SoCs such as Espressif ESP8266 ESP32 Nordic Semiconductors nRF51 nRF52 Texas Instruments CC25xx CC32xx and so on. ✓ Atmel Xmega AVR ATmega ATtiny series AT90USB series 8-bit ✓ Microchip PIC32 dsPIC PIC18 PIC16 PIC12 series 32- 16- 8-bit ✓ TI MSP430 series 16-bit TMS320 series 32-bit DSP ✓ Popular FPGAs from Xilinx Altera Intel A sample of our work

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m EXTENSIVE EXPERTISE WITH Compilers IDE tools ✓ MCUxpresso LPCxpresso Arduino mbed Keil STM32 System Workbench for ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4/M7 ✓ SPC Studio for SPC560 series ✓ Codevision AVR for Atmel AVR MCU ✓ MPLAB PICC32 PICC18 CCS compilers for Microchip devices. ✓ Code Composer Studio Essentials for MSP430 TMS320 series ✓ AVR Studio IDE MPLAB X IDE Eclipse IDE ✓ Arduino for AVR ESP32 ESP8266 etc. ✓ Eclipse toolchain for Espressif AVR ARM ✓ Quartus Vivado for FPGA

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m EXTENSIVE EXPERTISE WITH ✓ USB ✓ UART/RS232 RS422 RS485 ✓ I2C ✓ SPI QSPI ✓ CAN LIN K-line ✓ Modbus Profibus Devicenet ✓ 4-20mA HART ✓ IoT – HTTPs MQTTs websockets ✓ Cellular – LTE 3G 2G SMS ✓ Wifi 802.11 ✓ Bluetooth Classic BLE ✓ Ethernet LAN ✓ Zigbee 802.15.4 ✓ Infrared IrDA ✓ GPS NMEA ✓ RTC ✓ Memories: EEPROM FRAM Flash SRAM SDRAM eMMC SD DDR3 ✓ ADC DAC ✓ GPS ✓ LTE/4G/3G/2G modules ✓ LoRA SigFox CAT-M1 NBIoT modules ✓ Analog Digital sensors ✓ Displays – LCD OLED EPD alpha graphical color monochrome ✓ Audio CODECs And many more ………. INTERFACES PROTOCOLS

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m EXTENSIVE EXPERTISE WITH ✓ JTAG/SWD Debuggers for most popular MCUs ARM PIC AVR etc.. ✓ ICSP/ISP Firmware Programming tools. ✓ Digital Storage Oscilloscope ✓ PC based Oscilloscope ✓ Signal Generator ✓ DC Power Source ✓ Logic Analyzer ✓ Bench Multimeters ✓ Power analyzer TEST/DEBUG TOOLS SOFTWARE

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m WHY TRONICSZONE Cost effective Electronic Product Design All under one roof - Circuit design PCB Design Software Firmware development Prototyping Testing. We do not outsource the critical phases of design. Huge expertise in successful design of complex Electronic Products We manage Small Large Volume Electronics Manufacturing for you through our trusted vendor network Over 200+ medium to complex designs completed successfully We are obsessed with “First time right designs” saving cost in iterations reducing precious time to market

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m WORK SAMPLES More here: tronicszone.com/work-examples

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m ESTABLISHED CLIENTELE All product names logos and brands are property of their respective owners. All company product and service names used in this slide are for identification purposes only.

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w w w . t r o n i c s z o n e . c o m CONTACT TronicsZone Email: designtronicszone.com Web: www.tronicszone.com Thank You

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