10 Best Things to do and Adventure Activities in Mumbai


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Find out the best adventure activities and tours in Mumbai.


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10 Best Things to do and Adventure Activities in Mumbai:

10 Best Things to do and Adventure Activities in Mumbai TrIPNXT




1) JET SKIING Glide this powerful beast of a vehicle over the rippling waters of the open sea at full throttle. Only pacing through the endless expanse of water encircling you. The splashes of water hitting your face act as a stimulant. The immense adrenaline pumping through your blood will revitalize you. This exhilarating experience can be taken at the water sports hub, Juhu beach. The tropical breeze gushing toward you will embrace your senses, making you feel alive. Mandwa Jetty and Alibaug Beaches are also great destinations to explore this sport.


2) BUNGEE JUMPING Standing at the edge while gazing down at the bottom at a distance of approximately 150 feet. The countdown begins with your heart-beat. And when the loudest beat of the heart is your cue to jump. As you descend, your adrenaline ascends. You vent out your exhilaration of plummeting towards the ground by screaming at the pinnacle of your voice.  And finally, you spring with a damped oscillatory motion. Quite a fun for the child in you and quite thrilling for the adrenaline junkie in you. This adventure activity where you get to swing like a faulty yoyo can be done at in an adventure park called Della Adventures located in Lonavala. The only thing you need to ensure before attempting this is that you aren’t afraid of heights or have vertigo.


3) SKYDIVING Brace yourself to feel the riotous wind of the highest altitude you can reach for now. And plummet to your EVITABLE doom tearing through the skies from an altitude of over 3000 m. This is the greatest amount of courage you’ll ever have to muster up. The most spine-chilling and the toughest part of this endeavor is compelling yourself to take the fall. After overcoming your horror, the adrenaline rush in you would be at its apex. Restrained by nothing, nothing pulling you back. The truest form of freedom of the skies. Live your dream of jumping into the soft fluffy clouds from the Dhule drop zone of Mumbai. Have a glance at the wide expanse of the sands of Dhule during your 30-sec plunge and 15 min glide.


4) ZIPLINING This is an overall fun activity and also a mild sense of adventure to it as you zipline across the splendid meadow of Lonavala. The fun part while attempting this activity is that while you are in your illusion of zero gravity you command your pose. Unlike the rest of the air sports, you are not restricted to maintain any form. You can even Superman your way across the whole way. Who are just scouring for something that’s just amusing and have a sliver of adventure, nothing too dreadful or crazy, this is the one to go for. Lonavala is one of the most coveted places in Mumbai to try Ziplining.


5) WHITE WATER RAFTING This sport has gained a lot of fame in recent years, especially among youngsters. White-water rafting is a team sport demanding a substantial amount of courage, endurance and tolerance. The guide would shout out commands as if he is your commanding officer and you all are his subordinates. You will have to strictly adhere to the instructions and act on your feet if you intend to safely complete your ride through the unbridled water passing through precarious rapids. The amazing adventure sport of river rafting can be done in the Kundalika River in Kolad . This place is secluded somewhere between the mountains of Mahad village in Konkan countryside of Maharastra .


6) ZORBING Have you crossed the age limit for entering bouncy houses, and now no carnival house allows you to enter one of those? Get ready to relive the tremendously amusing nostalgia of tumbling and falling over and over again. Zorbing is a super-duper fun activity which allows you to relish in the playful joy of being in a giant inflated ball toppling down a mildly sloping hill. The Della Adventure Park in Lonavala have accommodations for this joyous activity.


7) CAVING Are you prepared to crusade through the deep, dark, tight spaces of the naturally formed secret passages? Ready to have an adventure brimming with suspense and thrill, going into the mysterious and unbeknownst passes of caves? Facing the conundrum of navigating through the crevices of these natural structures have a buzz like none. Also known as Spelunking, this sport is a great way of communing with nature and being segregated from the dull city life. Caves in Mumbai differs a bit from the conventional idea of caving we have. They are majorly a part of history that have a depiction of our ancestral lives, religion and culture. They are a great way of having a blast from the past fused with the thrilling experience of being in a cave. Karla Bhaja Caves and Kanheri Caves are the places to go if you want to get a buzz out of caving in Mumbai.


8) MUD RUSH Ever got a tongue-lashing from your parents for playing in the mud and getting drenched in the dirt? Well, now you can officially soak yourself tumbling and falling onto mud (you can even invite your parents to this). Yes, you heard it right. A completely one of a kind experiences and also first of its kind sport in all over Asia. Slip and slide, push and pull, tumble and fall, and have a mega blast with your friends playing in water, dirt and mud. Complete a run through a long obstacle course and frolic in the joy of defeating your opponents. Take part in India’s premier adventure fest, the Mud Rush. This adventure will fulfil your childhood fantasies of being a participant of Takeshi’s Castle or Wipeout.


9) KAYAKING The activity which was originally invented as a method for hunting is now viewed worldwide as a recreational activity. Kayaking or paddling involves manoeuvring a kayak, a narrow boat, by a double blade paddle. If you are in Mumbai and want to spend some leisure time amidst the panorama view of the Arabian sea, then kayaking is a go-to adventure sport. Marine Drive adjoining Girgaon Chowpatty is not only famous for its street food but also kayaking activity. The instructors are well trained and participants are properly equipped with safety gears. It provides a contrasting view of the regular concrete jungle of the city. The ambience and serenity of the still water with occasional waves is so raw and pure. The armed force required to paddle the kayak increases the blood flow through the veins.


10) LEISURE SAILING Have a serene journey over the Majestic vast waters of Arabian Sea. This is a chance to leaving all your burdensome weight behind as you set-off from the Gateway of India into the incredibly humungous Sea. Cherish this stunning view of the boundless ocean as you sit-back in the comfort of an international class keelboat. Gaze into the horizon and surrender to the immense beauty of hovering through the endless expanse. This will surely be an experience worth every penny. The Luxurious sailing will be equipped with all kind of safety for a smooth and soothing ride. And if seeing the sailor ride the boat first hand, made you realise its some that fall into your interest zone, then you can even ask for few lessons for an extra few bucks.

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TripNxt Hospitality Private Limited TripNxt connects travelers around the world with verified local tour guides through unique experiences of private tour, best places to visits, sightseeing tours & attractions, things to do & fun activities. www.tripnxt.com [email protected] +91- 6364103355

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