Microsoft Dynamics NAV for product configuration - TRIMIT

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TRIMIT Configuration is a vertical solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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01 | +45 7020 8970 | TRIMIT CONFIGURATION Software solution for Confguration powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV BENEFITS ✓ Optimizes and automates your manual processes. ✓ Controls an unlimited number of variants. ✓ Gives you a great overview of every process from design and production to fnal delivery. ✓ Optimizes production capacity. ✓ Minimizes waste and maximizes your proft by streamlining the creation and management of the bill of material BOM. ✓ Ensures accuracy of detail and therefore prevents production errors and waste. ✓ Minimizes delivery time. ✓ Correlates your data key fgures and makes it easy to follow up on customers and diferent brands. ✓ Integrates seamlessly with MS Ofce and provides a familiar looking interface for every level of user. ✓ Provides an up-to-date inventory status. ✓ Enables you to collect key fgures and data to support the company’s growth. ✓ Grows with your company. ✓ Is upgradable and easy to adapt. ”All the departments in the company have benefted from our new TRIMIT solution“ Jeros ”When it comes to confguration this solution simply is the best“ Halton • HAS YOUR IT SYSTEM REACHED ITS LIMITS • TOO MANY SYSTEMS • TOO LITTLE SYNERGY • NEED AN ERP SOLUTION THAT WILL SUPPORT YOUR GROWTH Any device In the cloud On-premises

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02 | +45 7020 8970 | B2C WEBSHOP B2B WEBSHOP SUPPLIER PORTAL TRIMIT COMPONENTS COVERS YOUR ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN TRIMIT adds functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV CONFIGURATION SALES PRODUCTION PURCHASE DATA CAPTURE LOGISTICS FINANCE REPORTING SALES AGENT PORTAL 01 Microsoft Dynamics NAV as platform for TRIMIT 04 Handling of unlimited variants like materials/lengths 07 Webshops B2C B2B 10 Logistics control 13 Proven upgrade methodology 02 Phone tablet web and Windows clients 05 Pre- and post calculations 08 Customer Relationship Management CRM 11 Financial management 14 Integration to Microsoft Ofce and Ofce 365 03 Management of complex item confguration 06 Portals Sales Agent Supplier 09 Production Management 12 Analytics and Reporting 15 Integration to Retail POS BI and others