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TriboTEX Oil Additive and Motor Oil Treatment is formulated to optimize your engine by cleaning internal moving parts, stabilizing the engine temperature.


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TriboTEX - Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment Established in Pullman Washington by Pavlo Rudenko Ph.D. TriboTEX produces a clean lubrication alternate for engines and other machines. The company designed proprietary nanosheets with specific functional properties that enable individual clients the military and industry including automotive and power generation to improve mechanical output. It can make your car engine motorbike diesel truck lawn mower or any other machine last longer and run better. No matter what you drive bearings in engines wear away from use but one TriboTEX treatment can replace this worn away material with a strong coating that endures multiple oil changes. With this you will enjoy your automobile for longer. Use the power of science to increase your vehicle with the TriboTEX Vehicle Enhancing Nanoparticles. This system raises your gas mileage and horsepower as well as “reverse wear” on your vehicle’s engine. TriboTEX does all of this by using anisotropic nanoparticle technology. The nanoparticles invented have two sides: sticky to attach to the surface and slippery to decrease friction. Particles attach to surface one by one forming film. This film compensates for some accumulated wear providing a repair like an effect. In fact research in the

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underlying technology had been financed by major US government funding agencies. These super-small nanoparticles get working in as little as 15 minutes. Just warm up your engine and use the involved syringe to squeeze 20ml of the dispersed nanomaterial into the oil tank. TriboTEX drops engine noise while the cylinders in your engine begin to form a coating on your vehicle bearings and cylinders. As a result ellipticity decreases and compression increases. It lessens friction ten times better than just oil. With all of the profits TriboTEX is made from ceramic material inert to the atmosphere. With the simple application you can do everyplace TriboTEX saves your car running longer and more efficiently. TriboTEX is the result of Dr. Rudenko’s graduate work in materials science engineering at Washington State University. There he finds unique anisotropic nanoparticles with two dissimilar faces. In oil lubricants they can adhere to metal surfaces when exposed to heightened temperatures at the similar time providing lubricity. From this discovery Dr. Rudenko worked on scaling up production of this special material to meaningful quantities. TriboTEX was the culmination of that discovery.

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