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Social Media and Convergence : 

Social Media and Convergence Disruption and Change

Social Media for Business : 

Social Media for Business Introduction to Social Media Some case Studies The Open Economy A Framework for Planning

First there was broadcast… : 

First there was broadcast…

then mass marketing… : 

then mass marketing…

but something changed… : 

but something changed…

Consumers don’t listen… : 

Consumers don’t listen… 78% OF CONSUMERS DON’T TRUST ADVERTISEMENTS Source Nielsen Consumer Report 2009

Media fragmented… : 

Media fragmented…

Our attention changed… : 

Our attention changed…

We became the media… : 

We became the media… We stopped listening to this… …we started to do this…

The start of something BIG : 

The start of something BIG Launched February 2004 Launched February 2005 Launched February 2004

The start of something BIG : 

The start of something BIG Launched July 2006 Launched March 2009 Launched October 2006

it is popular and here to stay : 

it is popular and here to stay 500 MILLION Facebook users. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most Populated in the world, ahead of the United States 25 BILLION. the amount of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, Photos, etc.) shared each month on Facebook. 2 BILLION The number of YouTube videos viewed per day. 4 BILLION. The number of images hosted on Flickr. 1 in 8. The number of marriages last year between people who met through social media. 200 MILLION The number of Blogs in the world. 34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands 95% The percentage of companies using LinkedIn to find and attract employees. 500 BILLION The number of peer influence impressions Americans generate per year via social media. 500 BILLION. The number of minutes spent on Facebook per month

Social media is about… : 

Social media is about… Conversations Collaboration Co-creation

Slide 15: 

We can produce We have reach We can share It is evolving…fast

Understand the Channels… : 

Understand the Channels…

…some are more important : 

…some are more important

The Challenges : 

The Challenges Source: The Cook Report 2010 We are living in times where change is the norm and adapting to the change is critical to business success

We are all changing… : 

We are all changing… Technology Open interfaces Rapid communications Anytime, any place Software as Service Behaviors Psychographics Demographics Lifestyle Sociographics People Connecting Collaborating Co-creation Community

The Open Economy : 

The Open Economy New business models based on collaboration, co-creation & sharing Transparency as a normal practice Conversations (two way communication) Open interfaces to partners, vendors, suppliers, customers Common technology and business standards Service and Experience Mentality

Technology accelerates the change : 

Technology accelerates the change Moore’s Law Computing power doubles every 18 months By 2025 $1000 will buy you the computing power of the human brain; by 2050 the whole human race Robotics Institute Communication capacity doubles every 9 months In the next 10 years, we will see a 20-time increase in home networking speeds Storage Law Storage capacity doubles every 12 months By 2029, 11 petabytes of storage will cost $100—equivalent to 600+ years of continuous, 24hr p/day DVD-quality video. Cisco IBSG, 2009 Community Law Between 2009 and 2020 the amount of data in the digital universe will grow by a factor of 44. EMC

Time to get to 50 million : 

Time to get to 50 million

Slide 28: 

The Five Great Surges of Development – Carlota Perez

Slide 32: 

Captures the social context of media consumption Always within 1 meter reach Always-on, inter-connected Available at the exact point and time of inspiration Built-in payment options Offers most accurate audience measurement

We are Virtually there : 

We are Virtually there The gap is closing

Behaviours : 


Behaviours and Myths : 

Behaviours and Myths

What We Do? : 

What We Do?

What is social behaviour : 

What is social behaviour

It’s about people still : 

It’s about people still

Think about their reasons… : 

Think about their reasons…

The future of Business : 

The future of Business

BUT Companies are facing problems : 

BUT Companies are facing problems Social media is evolving fast Social platforms…new and changing Social software…social listening, CRM, publishing…the ‘tools’ are changing Many choices but which is right Working with old marketing models Systems that can’t scale Strategies that don’t have integrated social elements

Need a framework : 

Need a framework

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