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Twitter for Business:

Twitter for Business Version 1.0



From Zero to Expert:

From Zero to Expert Twitter Basics The Statistics Tools to be Efficient Set the Strategy Twitter Tools Integrating Tips

PowerPoint Presentation:

Twitter Basics

Uses for Twitter in Business:

Branding Recruiting Traffic building Professional networking Public Relations (PR) News updates $ Uses for Twitter in Business Prospecting Feedback Peer relations Competitive tracking Search engine optimization Mobile visibility

What is Twitter:

What is Twitter Twitter  is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question,  "What are you doing?" by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets", to your friends, or "followers." Add pictures Add your location

Getting Started:

Getting Started Sign up Create your account If tweeting for business, choose username linked to business (i.e. “@ tribaltalk ” Fill out that profile 160 characters; people use this information to decide whether they follow you Use keywords Link to your website Include photo or logo, depending on intended use Change the default background Choose images and themes consistent with the intended persona Pay attention to business marketing guidelines Produce some tweets Don’t start following people on twitter until you’ve published some tweets! Why would anyone follow you if you haven’t even bothered to update?


ANATOMY OF A TWEET A retweet (RT) is where someone likes your tweet and then forwards it on to their followers A # is called a hashtag and allows people to search on subjects, topics, interests If you @ someone they will receive it in their mentions stream This changes a long website address into a short one so it takes up less of the 140 character space available


Terms Twit User of Twitter Tweet Message ReTweet Forwarding to your followers someone else’s message Follower vs. Following follower is someone who subscribes to receives your updates following someone means you will see their messages in your own personal timeline DM DM = Direct Message is a way to sent someone a private tweet . Mentions/@ replies @ reply means a Twitter update (a tweet) that is directed to another; it will be saved in the user's "Replies" tab. Shortened URL Shorted website address or url using tool like Hashtags users prefix a message with a hashtag to enable others to discover relevant posts e.g. #news Tweeps Meaning Twitter people. It is used to refer to or describe Twitter users

Url Shorteners:

Url Shorteners What do they do? Takes long URLs (web addresses) and turns them into 25 character short URLS Example: http:// To http:// Leaves you more room for your Tweet Provides tracking metrics http :// from Google with tracking metrics


HASHTAGS Description No Punctuation Keep Short Why Use Hashtags? Organise tweets Trending topics Use for group discussion/subject Organising an event and involving people/introductions


HASHTAGS Before creating your own hashtags check to see if anyone else is using it. Create a hashtag e.g. for an event, let people know so they can talk about it, ask questions, find each other before the event.


HASHTAGS Listen Trending topics See what is trending News Crisis Celebrity gossip Business


HASHTAGS Use advanced Twitter search to search hashtags and combine with other search terms Search of specific accounts to find people or across mentions Search based on geography (relies on location within profile) Search on “sentiment” negative / positive terms used in tweets


TWITTER TIPS – FINDING FRIENDS These are suggested friends that Twitter puts forward Use your other networks and contacts to kick start the people you follow CLICK HERE CLICK HERE

Types of Things People Twitter about:

Types of Things People Twitter about Information Sharing Self Promotion Opinions/Complaints Statements and Random Thoughts Me now Question to followers Anecdote (me) Anecdote (others )


Ideas Do I have anything interesting to say? What do you enjoy? Coffee, Flowers, Wine, Food, Golf, Travel, Cause, Meetings, Cherries…


TWITTER TIPS Customise the background to match your brand. Include a brief description about your organisation Include the address to your website


TWITTER BACKGROUND TOOLS Free Twitter Designer Free Twitter Designer! It allows you to personalize your Twitter background. Free Twitter Backgrounds A directory of free Twitter backgrounds TwitBacks A directory of free Twitter backgrounds Free Twitter Layout Free layouts and backgrounds


TWITTER TIPS If appropriate add in your face and/or people who manage the social media – make it human Use lists for: Clients Partners Research Friends…


TWITTER TIPS – FINDING FRIENDS These are suggested friends that Twitter puts forward Use your other networks and contacts to kick start the people you follow CLICK HERE Tip Use LinkedIn contacts or business cards to look up and follow people in your field Add “Follow Me on Twitter” to your emails, web site, and other communications

70-20-10 Rule of Engagement:

70-20-10 Rule of Engagement Be clear and concise Be simple Be relevant Ask away Sound like a human being Don’t imitate the voice of the community

Ideas for Business:

Ideas for Business Focus on adding value to your target audience/followers: Demonstrate you know your market Pass on good articles/blog posts about your market Comment on others’ tweets Talk about topical subjects, not just yourself Retweet others good posts/news Send occasional promotional tweets Attach interesting photos

Some ideas:

Some ideas Engaged and interact with your current clients and potential clients Inspire conversation to support communications goal Create buzz around an offline event before, during, and after Get new ideas and feedback on programs, products and services Customer service and retention Drive traffic to web site or blog Recruit new employees Advertise events, activities, products and promotions (exclusives)

Some ideas:

Some ideas Coordinate meetings with colleagues and clients Identify Influencers like journalists using Twitter and encourage them to use you as a source Identify and build relationships with organisations in your market sector Tweeting key points about your issues affecting clients/your market Learn and listen to competitor activity Ask questions, conduct market research Publish recent news or blogs

Let People Know You’re on Twitter:

Let People Know You’re on Twitter Where to put your Twitter name Business Cards/ Stationary Website Email Signature Window/Reception Decals On Vehicles, Adverts - Print, Radio + TV

Some Integration Options:

Some Integration Options ü û If you like tweeting then integrating your feed into Facebook will cause you to be seen as a spammer. Ideally post 1-3 times per day on Facebook dependent on your audience

PowerPoint Presentation:

Twitter Stats

Twitter Statistics:

Twitter Statistics The average Linkedin user is 44 years old The average Facebook user is 38 years old The average Twitter user is 39 years old Source: All Facebook Infochart sources: blog Buffer Infochart sources: blog Adage Male – Female Ratio Demographics

Twitter Statistics:

Twitter Statistics In June Pew Research undertook a  survey  of 2,277 Twitter profiles and determined that Twitter adoption among internet users in the United States had increased significantly . Their   analysis , Twitter usage amongst all online adults had leapt to 13% (from 8%), and the male demographic had doubled in size to 14% (from 7 %).

People Are Sharing:

People Are Sharing Share of posts by AddtoAny Most Tweets do not share links. Twitter drives website traffic Provides opportunity for engagement as well as referring to sites

Twitter Shows Strong Growth:

Twitter Shows Strong Growth Inspire conversation to support communications goal Create buzz around an offline event before, during, and after Get new ideas and feedback on programs and services Drive traffic to web site or blog Recruit advocates

People Follow Brands:

People Follow Brands 75 % of followers have never “un-followed” a brand Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey Followers read brand posts more than they tweet about brands People follow brands to receive exclusivity, promotions , and be “in the know” 60% of followers say they’re more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after following”

Sharing Statistics:

Sharing Statistics Links on Twitter receive 4.8 clicks , while on Facebook links receive 4.3 clicks, and on email 1.7 clicks. Based on research , the half-life of a shared link depends on the platform where it’s shared. The half-life of a shared link on Twitter is 2.8 hours

The Psychology Of Twitter:

The Psychology Of Twitter Other noted reasons: Tweeting too many quotes self-promotion anger issues too self-centered don’t share anything new not enough conversation not interesting

Where do you place a link:

Where do you place a link

Sharing Statistics:

Sharing Statistics According to a  report   from BrightEdge : “ Websites that display Twitter’s Tweet button on their homepage get seven times more social media mentions than sites without the button” Source: Kissmetrics and Dan Zarrella The vertical line represents the average click through rate (CTR) – followers to clicks. The horizontal line represents the number of links tweeted per hour. Takeout : you can achieve a higher click through rate if you tweet between 1 – 4 times per hour. Takeout : your best time to Tweet for Click Through Rates is mid week and weekend. Use a tool like Tweriod to find out when your followers are online and the best time to Tweet. Source: Kissmetrics

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tools to be Efficient

Tools to be efficient:

Tools to be efficient Mobile Desktop TweetDeck Hootsuite TwitBird Pro (App Store link ) Hootsuite ( App Store link) Tweetdeck ( App Store link) Seesmic Seesmic (App Store link )


Hootsuite Twitter Facebook pages and profiles Linkedin profile and groups Wordpress Myspace Mixi Foursquare

Track Results:

Track Results Determine:  Which channels deliver web traffic? Twitter, Facebook, email, Linkedin... What about conversion rate? Build measuring funnels TO DO:   Set up Google Analytics and  connect with HootSuite along with click stat reports


Hootsuite Use the Paid Version


TweetDeck View User Profiles and time lines Translate Tweets Track Your New Followers What’s Popular Block annoying content



More Tools:

More Tools Pluggio Buffer SocialOomph Timely Enables to you to build targeted lists, get reports on your activity and some stats. Free version is very basic, but moderate price for more functionality. Build a targeted list of tweets that are scheduled based on your following. These are delivered over the course of the day. A complete Twitter Automation and Analytic Tool. Provides useful tools for keyword analysis reports, follow backs, and reporting. Timely schedules Tweets based upon the best time to deliver them.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Set the Strategy

Understand The Tools:

Understand The Tools


STRATEGY, OBJECTIVES, TACTICS Every business or organisation has objectives. They are simply a matter of deciding where you want to be and when you want to get there. Strategies are the things you need to do to accomplish your objectives. If your objective is where you want your company to be, the strategy is the route you need to take to get there. OBJECTIVE STRATEGY TACTICS For example: if the purpose of your marketing plan to launch a new product to a targeted audience – segment A: If so your objective might read: “Achieve 10k sales of product through website within first 3 months.” For example: if the objective is to sell 10k of units through website within 3 months: strategy might be one or more of the following: Increase website traffic using Twitter Increase the sharing of content e.g. blog Increase no of followers based on customer segment A profile Whereas strategies establish a broad outline of how you want to achieve your objectives, tactics are specific actions. For example: If you strategy is to target segment A profiles for your new product: “Target relevant segment A influencers on Twitter and develop relationship with them”

Set a Strategy:

Set a Strategy Strategy Listen Create Engage Customer Relationships Target and follow your existing and potential customers. Listen to their interests, concerns, issues and passions. Create relevant news, info, links and tips that is relevant to them and helps them with their issues and problems. Develop relationships with people and foster community around your brand and people Sales Leads Listen in real time for potential opportunities Respond with helpful advice and provide relevant solutions Interweave contact methods to develop contact opportunities. Reputation management Listen for your brand /products and key people online. Create policy regarding situations/comments. Respond manage and moderate. PR Listen to target audience and gain insight into behaviours, passions and interests Use insights to develop creative PR campaign around brand. Create content/articles and involve community influencers Respond to people, amplify and engage with audience Promotions Target and follow target profiles; interested in similar products/services Build in offers and promotional mechanics e.g. links, Twtpic Use feedback and success stories to build on campaign. Foster and reward brand champions / advocates Event Coverage Integrate Twitter into event communications e.g. email, website…Listen to interest and build on coverage e.g. press articles Develop hashtag for event; ensure pre-event good questions are shared Develop interaction with people pre/during and post event

Match Twitter to Your Target Audience:

Match Twitter to Your Target Audience As a trend the average age is becoming lower. In contrast the average age of a Facebook user is getting older.

Match Twitter to Your Target Audience:

Match Twitter to Your Target Audience Age has an effect on social media usage, according to Umpf , their findings revealed that more than half of all pensionable UK adults were on Facebook, with more than a third also using YouTube on a regular basis; proof, if any were needed, that social media is not the preserve of the young. Marketers, take heed!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Twitter Tools

Twitter Analysis Tools:

Twitter Analysis Tools TweetStats TweetStats provides simple statistics for Twitter including tweeting style and tendencies. tHE ARCHIVIST The Archivist was built by Mix Online , a group of designers and developers at Microsoft. Klout Crowdbooster Crowdbooster does a great job of tracking your retweets and proving good statistics.

Twitter Analysis Tools:

Twitter Analysis Tools TweetLevel Calculates the level of popularity of a user of Twitter. TweetGrader Twitalyzer Twitalyzer trends thirty different metrics so you can decide which measures are right for you and which are meaningful for your business. Trendistic Trendistic allows you to track trends in Twitter


Research TwTPoll PollDaddy Polls.Tw Enter your Twitter name, poll question, and answer options to create your short query. Your poll can be shared via email, Twitter, or Facebook, Create surveys , polls, and quizzes. Collect responses via your website, e-mail, iPad , Facebook, and Twitter. Generate and share easy-to-read reports. Create polls that you can post to Twitter. You need to specify the question and the options that you want to provide to the use. Twitter is an invaluable resource for marketing and public relations professionals, largely because of the promotion and relationship natures of the network. You can use these basic tools to ask questions of your own network for feedback and suggestions

Finding People:

Finding People Twellow TweetFind Just Tweet It Increasr Search for people based on locality – ranks according to influence. You are able to follow them within the platform. Also features a map. Search for people based on locality – ranks according to influence. You are able to follow them within the platform. Also features a map. A twitter directory sorted by interest   An easy to use Twitter follower tool  

Finding People:

Finding People Local Follow Filter Tweeps FriendLyx Twiends Search for people locally. Search for people based on locality and keywords in their bio. FriendLynx  searches for each of your Facebook friends on Twitter and helps you follow them. You can list yourself by interests  and country, and can find interesting people to follow and cool Twitter  applications to use. 


TWITTER TIPS Able to follow people directly in Twellow Search by your location

Follow and Unfollow People:

Follow and Unfollow People Does Follow Qwitter Twerp Scan Twitoria Follow Cost Just Unfollow Is Follow TweetFindTools Tweepi Friend or Follow Fllwrs Manage Flitter Tool to check if one person follows another person Daily reports on unfollows   Follow, unfollow or block contacts  Shows activity of the people you're following  Find out how frequently people update / tweet) Easy tool to unfollow those that are not following you.  Find out who is following - enter two usernames Tool to unfollow people that don't follow you Review and clean your list of followers Great tool to sort out your followers Keeps track of who is and isn’t following Who is and isn’t following you

Listening, Trends and Tags:

Listening, Trends and Tags Social Mention Monitter Crowdbooster TwitScoop Hashtagify Search Hash Hash Mash HashTags Twazzup TweetMeMe Twistori Topsy Favstar Sulia Twendz Twit Links Social media search engine incl : Twitter   Real time twitter search tool based on keywords.     Real time twitter search tool based on keywords.   Search and follow what's buzzing on twitter in real-time.  Realtime search results from Twitter   Trending stories and news.   Live feed of Tweets showing loves, hates, believes, wishes Real Time Search For Twitter Trending funny tweets aaaaaaa Explore Twitter Conversations and Sentiment Headlines and interest streams

Lists and Groups:

Lists and Groups Formulists Group Tweet Crowd Status Twitter Groups One of our favorite apps. Formulists will help you create lists for you based upon certain criteria / keywords . GroupTweet enables 2 to 100,000+ contributors to tweet from the same account. Crowdstatus is made up of crowds, each crowd contains people and each person in the crowd has a status . Twitter Groups allows you to send a message to those groups without needing to send the message to each person one at a time!

As an Organisational Tool:

As an Organisational Tool PlanyPus My Chores TwitterCal Remember the Milk Planypus is a wiki for your social life. The easiest way to share plans with your friends. Build and track your tasks Integrate and share your Google Calendar with Twitter Manage tasks on Twitter as well as set notifications

Distributing Pictures, Videos and Files:

Distributing Pictures, Videos and Files TwitPic TwitVid Twitxr Moby Picture TwitPic allows you to post photos or videos from your phone, from the site, or through email. Easily Post Videos or Photos on Twitter (you can also post to Facebook) Share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone Directly share your photos, videos and audio with your friends on your favorite social sites: facebook, twitter, flickr , youtube , and more!

Interesting Visual Tools:

Interesting Visual Tools MentionMap Creates a " mindmap " type view of mentions by username Twitter Fountain Cool way to view tweets by person/ keyword in real time on big screen. TwitterStream It is an interactive tool to let you create StreamGraphs from the latest tweets based on a given word or user. 5KBrowser A spacey way to “see” connections on Twitter, something that is nearly impossible on the site itself. TwitArcs Visualization tool that shows connection to people and content. TwitterFall An interesting real time browser of Twitter activity by keyword / user / etc TweepsKey This app generates a graph of your Twitter followers, displaying them as coloured dots. PortWiture Portwiture is mainly for fun. It takes a look at your recent Twitter statuses and gives you a visual look

PowerPoint Presentation:

Integrating Twitter

Integrating Twitter:

Integrating Twitter Add Tweets DlvrIt TwiteMail Tweet Old Post Google+Tweet Loud Twitter TwitMe Twitter Graphics Allows you to make your own Twitter update widgets for your site or blog using javascript . Deliver Your Blog To Twitter, Facebook, and More Allows twitter users to send HTML emails with attachments Tweet Old Posts randomly picks your older post based on the interval specified by you.   A full featured twitter client for Google+! View your timeline, url shortening, photo sharing and more...! Some free graphics to put on your site for that purpose- place the image on your site and link your Twitter profile A Wordpress simple plugin and automatically sends a tweet whenever you post a new post. Imports your tweets to your blog and allows you to find all the tweets based on specific term or phrase.

Integrate Your Facebook Page to Twitter:

Integrate Your Facebook Page to Twitter 1. 2 . 3 . Go to your Facebook page – click Edit Page Click on resources Link page to Twitter

PowerPoint Presentation:



Tips Don’t delete or Ignore negative feedback, address it Don’t use your friends and followers for their networks Don’t only broadcast about your org, share stories & respond Don’t be a control freak: guide conversations Don’t just expect someone will run your SM Do track your progress using social analytics tools Do Inspire conversation to support communications goal Do find your niche community & stay focused on that topic Do Create buzz around an offline event before, during, and after Do Identify and build relationships with allies & supporters

Rules of Content In a Community:

Rules of Content In a Community 70 The reality will be different for every community and business. When designing and building your community, you should always: Remember that while your top participants will lay the foundation for your community, success at scale will depend as much on the 100,000 users who make one post as the 100 who make 1000 . Toward that end, you must create an aspirational environment, with a low barrier to entry and a clear path to move up the ladder of participation.

Developing the Conversation:

Developing the Conversation 5 reasons business is social


Tips Be useful. Be helpful. Be an authority Demonstrate you know your market Promote your work thoughtfully Share links and knowledge Use LinkedIn contacts or business cards to look up and follow people in your field Alternate between your business and something more personal e.g. comments about the movement in market conditions tempered with Tweets about your passion for creative design. Add your Twitter account and “Follow Me on Twitter” to your emails, web site, and other communications Focus on one or two of your followers a day. Spotlight something about them in a tweet. They’ll notice .



Some More Resources:

Some More Resources Slide deck on social media and learning in the workplace as context for tool exploration A tool selection process described for educationalists / - 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business – Chris Brogan http :// / - 11 Things to Avoid When Using Twitter | Tech N’ Marketing . http :// / - Twitter Handbook — How good people make BIG things happen - FAST ! http:// - The 10 Twitter Commandments – Econsultancy / - 15 Good Twitter Campaigns / - 50 Twitter Tools and Tutorials For Designers and Developers http:// - This is an excellent how-to guide to launching a Twitter chat . http:// - 26 tips to get you Tweeting better . http:// - If you’re using Twitter, you’ll find these tips to be essential. http:// - Valuable list of key PR hashtags on Twitter.




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