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Hot Air Balloon For a fresh change try hot air balloon

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Hot Air Balloon It is a oldest human carrying flight technology.

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The First Hot Air Balloons In 4 June 1783 Montgolfier brothers built a balloon made of silk and lined with paper. It was 33 feet.This balloon did not carry any person. The balloon rose 5200-6600 feet.stayed aloft for 10 minutes and travelled about 2 Kilometers. In 19 September 1783 the balloon was lifted with passengers Rooster DuckSheep.The flight lasted 8 minutes and witnessed by King Louis XVI

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First Passengers

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Parts Of Hot Air Balloon It consisting of a bag called the envelope that is capable of containing heated air and gondola or wicker basket which carries passengers.

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Best Time to Fly Flying is one of the best adventure experiences. The best time to take your flight is between March and October. The Spring and Autumn are best to fly at greater heights.

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Uses Of Hot Air Balloon Weddings Corporate Events Promotion Sports Business Advertisement

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