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In some situations it is better to say no than to be a yes man, but most of the times it is very confusing when to say no and when to say yes. So here is a work which will put some light on reasons to say no without explaining yourself.


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I vowed to say YES to NO today morning but instead ended up saying NO to NO and YES to trouble Hey wait Don’t you ever think that since the word YES has one more letter than NO it is more powerful and so apt to be used frequently until we put ourselves in the deepest pits of pity remorse and stress

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10 The World Is Our Family REALLY The world is our family extended family It is high time one sets the spheres and realms of relative importance of all the people in our life. It is highly not recommended to do everything for everyone and then end up in a situation where people start taking undue advantage of your Godly nature. Welcome to the real world

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09 It Is Good to Take Care of Yourself Too Taking Care of Yourself is the best selfish thing you can do. Why to spend that extra hour late night by stressing your eyes for someone who wouldn’t even care to say a hi after their work is done Moreover for the people you love there is always this tiny space for negotiation with them to give you a little extra time and they won’t even mind because you are equally important to them. Freeze the golden rule: You should not do anything for anyone at the cost of your health all you have to do is to learn to say no without explaining yourself.

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08 Your Mind Attracts Garbage Often One thing is certain that we all have numerous thoughts budding in our minds at the present second and then in the next second too and so on and so forth… Your mental health depends a lot on what you are allowing your mind to breed on. Why to promote mental instability by brooding over the past or by constantly thinking negatively Say NO to garbage Neither you nor your worthy mind is a dumping yard Remember

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07 Opportunity Cost biggest expense is opportunity cost You own the most valuable thing in the universe: TIME Imagine the cost of wasting your precious time by saying yes to everyone working for them doing everything running after everything- WAIT Stop before you run into debts Be wise enough to differentiate between cost and investment in your personal as well as professional life

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Know all the 10 REASONS TO SAY NO WITHOUT EXPLAINING YOURSELF Don’t miss rest of outstanding compliments for girls

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