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Visit the “The Tree Doctor” a tree care company that pay attention to your concerns about your trees, then let you know all the options available in Sydney. Our fully qualified professionals can provide helpful, expert advice on tree pruning services – the final decision is up to you. Call us for more details or request a quote today.


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The Tree Doctor:

The Tree Doctor

What is Pruning?:

What is Pruning? The Process of adjusting decision tree to minimize misclassification errors is called tree pruning . This is most common tree maintenance procedure that helps trees grow strong and look neat and attractive.

Main Types of Pruning:

Main Types of Pruning Structural Pruning Crown Cleaning Crown Thinning Utility Pruning Crown Reduction Storm Proof Pruning


Objectives Know Why, When and How to Prune Understand Compartmentalization and it’s relationship to the branch collar Know the proper procedures and techniques used in pruning Understand how trees respond to proper and improper pruning

Why Do We Prune:

Why Do We Prune To remove broken, dead and diseased branches Improve the structure of trees Remove Rubbing branches Remove Co-dominant stems Provide clearance for sidewalks, roads and utilities

When to Prune:

When to Prune Routine Pruning - Removal of weak, diseased, or dead limbs. - Accomplish any time during the year Heavy Pruning - Removal of large amount of foliage - Avoid just after spring flush


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