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this was the wrap up lesson for my 2nd grade classes. the subject of travelling abroad required a lesson on australia, i know nothing about australia, so i did it on canada


By: aepiesik (130 month(s) ago)

Hello, Than you for allowing me to download. Canada Thanksgiving was this month and I have to show something about Canada for them and this powerpoint is great. You really put some time into it and my Spanish high school students will really enjoy watching it.

By: calgalsantacruz (151 month(s) ago)

Hi, Thank you so much for allowing me to download your powerpoint. I can see you took some time to make it. I am going to share it with my Year 7 & 8 classes in the UK. Thank you!

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Hi, I am from Virden Manitoba! I am teaching in Seoul. This ppt. was just what I was looking for. Thanks a million! Regards,

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Have you ever been to Canada? There is so much to show and and tell about Canada. I will show you just some of of the highlights.

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Here is what some Koreans have said: Canada is very big. Canada is very beau- tiful. Canadian people are the best. What do you think?

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Canada is a big country. It is the second largest country in the world There are 33,390,141 people (2007) Canada was founded on July 1,1867. 2008 was canadas 141st birthday.

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Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each province/territory has its own capital city. Do you know how many provinces are in Korea?

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Province and capital cities

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Canada’s capital city is Ottawa, in Ontario. Canada has a Prime Minister, not a President, His name is Stephen Harper and he isn’t very popular these days. Ok, some less boring stuff

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This is Toronto, the biggest, busiest and most popular city in Canada. The tower in the middle is called the CN tower. The worlds tallest structure (1815 feet) Toronto is often compared to New York

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Can you guess who this is? He is a “hero” in Canada. His name is Wayne Gretzky. He is considered on of the greatest hockey players of all time. Canadians love hockey. Like Koreans like baseball or soccer.

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Avril Lavigne Celine Dion And Jim Carrey are some of the actors and singers from Canada.

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Hello, I’m Canadian Bonjour, Je suis Canadienne. Canadians learn English and French in School. It’s a big problem in Canada, most people don’t like it. Includ- ing me.

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This is my home. I’m from Manitoba. My capital city is Winn- ipeg.

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This the polar bear capital of the world. Its cold but can be very pretty as you can see. Churchill

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This is my Winnipeg, my hometown. Its quite small compared to Busan. It gets lots of snow in winter, and summers are actually not too hot.

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Korea has typhoons. Manitoba has floods. (1997)

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This is winter. White and cold. We will go camping, ice fishing, play hockey, go sledding and ice skating in this weather.

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Can you guess who the bear is? He is a very famous bear. I’ll give you a hint. His name comes from my home town Winnipeg. Winnie the pooh

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Do you know who this is? Her name is Anne. She is a story book character from the Anne of Green Gables. The story takes place in Prince Edward Island

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Prince Edward Island is the smallest province. Quebec is the largest Province. There is one very popular thing from this province. Maple syrup

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The caribou The beaver The maple leaf ….are all images on Canadian coins.

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The “loonie”(loon) is our dollar.

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These used to be our one and two dollar bills.

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Have you seen these men in pictures before? They are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP. Better known as police officers.

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These are the Canadian bills There are 5’s,10’s,20’s,50’s and 100’s. The queen of England is seen on the 20 dollar bill.

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This is the name of our national anthem. I’ve forgotten the words. But we always sing in English and French.

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When we say we are from Canada, many people think we live in these houses. Do you know what it is called? Its called an igloo. We (I) don’t live in one of these. The Inuit (in-oo-it) aka “eskimo” live in them. They are actually quite warm.

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Niagara Falls The great lakes The rockies These are 3 of the most famous places to visit. Camping, hiking, skiing, fishing are just some of the things we do here.