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TOP FAMOUS CITIES IN ECUADOR Ecuador is a fascinating country filled with natural beauty an intriguing history rich cultural heritage and abundant tourist attractions. Ecuadors capital city of Quito is known for its Spanish colonial center particularly its sixteenth and seventeenth century palaces and religious sites. Another major city in Ecuador is Guayaquil. This is the city with the largest population and is located in Guayas province. The weather can be extreme at times with high temperatures at noon and low temperatures with occasional shower in the evening. If you are unsure about what to visit read on about the main cities of the Ecuador and plan accordingly. List of top famous cities of Ecuador:

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1. Cotacachi Cotacachi lies just a 20 minute drive from the popular market town of Otavalo. Cotacachi is located at an altitude of 2418 metres and had a population of 8848 in 2010 . Cotacachi is commonly visited as a day trip. A much more tranquil shopping town than Otavalo UNESCO named it the “City of Peace.” Cotacachi is an artisan city that is famous for its leather goods and handicrafts. 2. Cuenca

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Cuenca is a city in southern Ecuador’s Andes mountains. Its known for its Tomebamba River waterfront and handicrafts including Panama hats. Much calmer than the buzzing capital the rhythm of life is slower here and the people friendlier. Rich in beautiful colonial buildings and picture-perfect steeples. An UNESCO World Heritage Site tucked away in the south of the country. 3. Montañita Montañita is a village on Ecuadors Santa Elena Peninsula known for its beaches with strong surf breaks and bohemian vibe. This seaside town is known for its laid back atmosphere and great surf. Each summer Montañita bursts into life with a fairly even mix of sun-worshiping foreigners and sea-loving locals. Lively bars nightclubs and thatch-roofed restaurants line the streets. An ideal destination for taking a break from the fast-paced lifestyle.

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4.Baños Baños Ecuador is situated in a valley at the base of an active volcano . Baños de Agua Santa is a city in Ecuador’s Tungurahua province and a gateway to the nearby Amazon Basin. Baños is a town in which you are encouraged to let go of your inhibitions and live life to the fullest. Mountain bikers will love the downhill route from Baños to Puyo passing the Devil’s Cauldron waterfall en route.

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