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Top 10 Places To Share And Upload Your Online Video Sharing videos is just one of the things you can do online. It can be a simple homemade video or one made from a small budget. There are different types of videos that you can post and search online. If you would like to share your videos online, there are a lot of websites that you can choose from. These websites are designed to host video sharing and there are things that you would like to consider when choosing a website.

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continue... Since your goal is to share your online videos, you want to make sure that a lot of people can see your video. A video hosting website that has a big community of users is perfect for those who want to make their videos famous and popular. You can also make money off of your videos and there are sites that focus on this. Here is a list of top 10 places where you can share your videos online. YouTube This is the most famous video hosting website online. This website allows you to log-in and leave comments and ratings on the videos. You can also save your favorite videos and allows you to tag the videos you post. This makes it easier for your videos to come up in search engines. The popularity of this website makes it easier for your video to be popular and there are already a couple of singers and artists that were discovered on YouTube.

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continue... Google Video Google is the Internet’s most famous search engine and they have launched their own video hosting site. Google Video is not just focused on sharing videos online, but this is also a market place where you can buy the videos you find on this site using Google search engine. Yahoo! Video Another famous website that almost everyone is familiar with is Yahoo!. This is known for their email and instant messenger. Uploading and sharing videos is now possible with Yahoo Video!. You can find several types of videos on their site and you can also post comments and ratings for the videos.

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continue... Revver This website is intended and designed for those who want to earn money while sharing their videos online. This website lets you earn money through ads on your videos and you will have a 50/50 profit split with the website. Another great deal with Revver is that your fans who posted your videos on their site can also earn money. Blip.tv If you are looking for a website that allows you to share your video content in high quality, you should use this website. Blip.tv allows viewers to stream and download the videos posted on their website. You can also use Creative Commons licenses on your videos posted on the website. This allows you to decide if your videos should be attributed, restricted for commercial use and be used under specific terms.

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Continue... Vimeo This website is similar to YouTube the difference is that this is more family safe and focuses on sharing private videos. The interface of the website is similar to some social networking sites that allow you to customize your profile page with photos from Flickr and embeddable player. This site allows users to socialize through their videos. Vimeo is also user-friendly and fast. Metacafe This video sharing site is community based. You can upload short-form videos and share it to the other users of the website. It Metacafe has its own system called VideoRank that ranks videos according to the viewer reactions and features the most popular among the viewers.

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Continue... ClipShack Upload your videos, share them and even gain new friends through ClipShack. Like most video sharing websites you can post comments on the videos and even tag some as your favorite. You can also share the videos on other websites through the html code from ClipShack and even sending it through your email. Veoh This website is similar with Revver since you can earn profit through ads placed on your videos. You can also rent or sell your videos and keep the 70% of the sales price. You can upload a range of different video formats on Veoh and there is no limit on the size and length of the file. However when your video is over 45 minutes it has to be downloaded before the viewer can watch it.

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Continue... Jumpcut Jumpcut allows its users to upload videos using their mobile phones. You will have to attach the video captured from your mobile phone to an email. It has its own movie making wizard that helps you familiarize with the interface of the site. Those were the top ten video sharing sites you can upload your video to. Hopefully you found this list helpful. If you don’t mind please share this with your friends on Twitter or Facebook with the links at the top and bottom. Thanks!

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