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After 40+ years for Troop 75 Congratulations to Marshall for this accomplishment!

Marshall’s Eagle Scout Project:

Marshall’s Eagle Scout Project Picnic Shelter at Sophia Intermodel Park

Beginning of Troop 75:

Beginning of Troop 75 Built by Boy Scouts in 1932 Between the creek and Route 16

Jess McElrath Scout Master:

Jess McElrath Scout Master Jim Lowry

Cub Scout Pack & Mary McElrath Veneri:

Cub Scout Pack & Mary McElrath Veneri Cub Scouts in the Old Scout Cabin

Original Cabin location was prone to flooding:

Original Cabin location was prone to flooding

After 20+ years of non-use vines covered over the cabin:

After 20+ years of non-use vines covered over the cabin

In October 2007, Scout Cabin Committee began to relocate the cabin to the old Elementary site:

In October 2007, Scout Cabin Committee began to relocate the cabin to the old Elementary site

Board by Board – Log by Log:

Board by Board – Log by Log Jim Lowry Raymond Rose

Peeling Roof :

Lanny Ballard Raymond Rose Peeling Roof Shane Forrester

Coming Down Oct 5-2007:

Coming Down Oct 5-2007

Taking a break:

Taking a break Jim Lowry Raymond Rose Bob Mills Clayton Parker

Supervising Crew:

Supervising Crew Phyllis Rose Loretta Ballard Jesse McElrath Calvert

Pouring the Floor:

Pouring the Floor

Beginning to Restore Cabin:

Beginning to Restore Cabin

Setting Second Floor Log:

Setting Second Floor Log Don Farley Day-Report Worker

Trimming Bark on Replacement for rotted logs:

Bob Mills Jim Lowry Geary Ruble Raymond Rose Trimming Bark on Replacement for rotted logs

Looking Better Each Day:

Looking Better Each Day

Chimneys Built by Contractor:

Chimneys Built by Contractor

Fireplace Hearth Completed:

Fireplace Hearth Completed

Roof Boards Installed:

Roof Boards Installed

Metal Roof Completed:

Metal Roof Completed

Shutters Installed on Windows:

Shutters Installed on Windows

Mixing Chinking Cement:

Mixing Chinking Cement Geary Ruble

Another Lunch Break:

Another Lunch Break Lannie Ballard Don Farley Geary Ruble Jim Lowry Loretta took the Picture

Brown & White Painting :

Brown & White Painting Geary Ruble Don Farley

Future Scouts help Paint:

Future Scouts help Paint Geary Ruble Marshall Wood Braxton Wood

Inside Looking Good:

Inside Looking Good

Windows Installed:

Windows Installed

Fireplace Firebrick Installed :

Fireplace Firebrick Installed Gas Log Insert

Propane Tanks Installed:

Propane Tanks Installed

Insulation Added:

Insulation Added

Insulation Covered with Luan:

Insulation Covered with Luan

Lights Installed by ACT Class:

Lights Installed by ACT Class

Keeping the Weather OUT:

Keeping the Weather OUT January 2011

Installing Gutters & Down-spouts:

Installing Gutters & Down-spouts

Eagle Scout Project:

Eagle Scout Project Corey Wilson from Troop 3 presented the Scout Cabin with an Aluminum flag pole and planted some flowers as a part of his Eagle Scout Program. This base of the flag pole credits his efforts.

Adult Leader’s Training:

Adult Leader’s Training Began October 2007 Restoration Completed April 2011

Oldest Living Troop 75 Scout:

Oldest Living Troop 75 Scout Buford Hartsog is presented his Adult Training Certificate by Kimberly Bennett, Seneca District Council Commissioner BSA on May 24, 2011. Buford was one of the original scouts that built Troop 75 Scout Cabin.

Painting the WV Flag Pole:

Painting the WV Flag Pole Bobby Bonds Geary Ruble We forgot to paint the flag pole before erecting it. Bobby solved our delemna. Gutters & down-spouts installed and shutters painted.

Troop 75 Officially Organized:

Troop 75 Officially Organized Tony Wheby Scout Master Danny Barr Mayor & Sponsor Tray Aliff Seneca Council District Executive BSA

Landscaped by Town of Sophia:

Landscaped by Town of Sophia

Town of Sophia pours Sidewalks:

Town of Sophia pours Sidewalks Mayor Danny Barr Town Employee

Finishing Sidewalk:

Finishing Sidewalk Bill Wood Marshall Wood Bobby Bonds

Cutting Rafters for Bathroom:

Cutting Rafters for Bathroom Geary Ruble Bobby Bonds Original Cabin had no bathroom – We used the creek out back

Bathroom Attached:

Bathroom Attached

Finished Product:

Finished Product Troop 75 Lives Again !! Tony Wheby

Jim Lowry Award:

Jim Lowry Award Jim Lowry was the brains behind the cabin relocation project. In addition to his knowledge of how to do it, he was the inspiration for those of us who labored those 4 plus years to complete it. Troop 75 has instituted an award in Jim’s name for the adults who contribute to the success of our boy scouts above and beyond. This award is presented each year to that adult who best exemplifies Jim Lowry’s belief and dedication to improve the life of our young people through the Boy Scout program. Born July 24, 1925 Died March 30, 2011 at 85 years young.

Thank you for helping to make this a special day for Troop 75 and William Marshall Wood III. Eagle Scout Troop 75 :

Thank you for helping to make this a special day for Troop 75 and William Marshall Wood III. Eagle Scout Troop 75 Following dismissal from the Sanctuary, we would be honored to have each of you come to the Social Room downstairs and enjoy some punch and cake with us and have a time of chit-chat in between bites and drinks.

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