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Español tres libro de gramática:

Español tres libro de gramática By: Tristen Payne

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Imperfect preterite por y para possessive adjectives and pronouns Usted and Ustedes commands present subjunctive subjunctive with verbs of will and influence Subjunctive with verbs of emotion, doubt, disbelief and denial conjunctions


Imperfect Triggers are siempre, todos los dias, cada dia, and others Ar: aba Er/Ir: ia Irregulars Ser, Ver, and Ir Yo forms era, veia, and iba


Preterite Snapshot of time Past tense

Por y para:

Por y para Por Movement through Duration Motive Exchange Movement Doing in place of someone else Para Purpose Towards a place Action happens to you comparison

Possessive adjectives and pronouns:

Possessive adjectives and pronouns Short Mi(s) Nuestro (a/os/as) Tu(s) Su(s) Su(s) Long plural Mío(as) Nuestro(as) Tuyo(as) Suyo(as) Suyo(as) Long singular Mío(a) Nuestro(a) Tuyo(a) Suyo(a) Suyo(a)

Los mandatos:

Los mandatos Affirmative Tú Drop s Irregular di haz ve pon sal sé ten ven Usted/ustedes Opposite vowel yo form Se cannot go before infinitive Negative Tú Opposite vowel add s Usted/ustedes Same as affirmative Se goes before infinitive


subjunctive Mood, or feeling. Er/ir -a -amos -as -a -an Ar -e -emos -es -e -en Two Clauses Special verb Que Two subjects


SUBJUNCTIVE WITH VERBS OF WILL AND INFLUENCE aconsejar to advise preferir (e:ie) to prefer desear to wish; to desire prohibir to prohibit importar to be important; to matter querer (e:ie) to want insistir (en) to insist (on) recomendar (e:ie) to recommend mandar to order rogar (o:ue) to beg; to plead necesitar to need sugerir (e:ie) to suggest pedir (e:i) to ask (for)

Subjunctive with verbs of emotion, doubt, disbelief and denial :

Subjunctive with verbs of emotion, doubt, disbelief and denial Alegrarse (de) to be happy Esperar to hope Sentir (e-ie) to be sorry for Sorprender to surprise Temer to be afraid Es triste It’s sad Ojála (que) I hope Dudar to doubt Negar (e-ie) to deny Es Imposible impossible Es Improbable No es cierto not true/ certain No es seguro not certain No es verdad not true


Conjunctions a menos que until antes before despues after en caso in case of pronto como as soon as hasta until de modo que so that sin without

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