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Morning Meeting:

Morning Meeting Dr. Lori Elliott: SDE

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Children’s behavior and needs don’t suddenly change on their birthdays. Individual development is uneven Developmental age does not always match chronological age.

Birthday Cluster:

Birthday Cluster List Youngest to Oldest Young or Old Class? Look For Clusters

Yardsticks by Chip Wood:

Yardsticks by Chip Wood

Morning Meeting:

Morning Meeting Class meets in a circle daily for 15-30 minutes. Greeting Sharing Group Activity News and Announcements See Responsive Classroom for More Information.


Greetings Basic: Eye Contact/ Handshake Action Name Game Voki Different Languages


Whole Group Partner Focused Interactive Sharing

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Books Poems Games Songs

The Wishy-Washy Washerwoman :

The Wishy-Washy Washerwoman In the deep dark jungle where nobody goes There’s a wishy-washy washerwoman washing her clothes She goes “Ooh, ahh , ooh, ahh , Ooh ahh ahh and a ringy -ding-ding!”

Black Socks :

Black Socks Black socks, they never get dirty, The longer I wear them, the stronger they get! Sometimes I think I should wash them, But something inside me keeps saying , “Not yet! Not yet! Not Yet!



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Build Community by Playing Games Develop Listening & Social Skills

Coconut :


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Morning Message K-2 Use a regular and predictable format. Include a place for students to interact with the message.

Morning Message:

Morning Message Marvelous Monday Tangled Tuesday Wacky Wednesday Thinking Thursday Fabulous Friday Beyond the Morning Message by Scholastic

Go Digital!:

Go Digital!



Teach Like a Techie:

Teach Like a Techie Step by Step Instructions Lesson Plan Ideas/ Instruction Get Real: Tips & Realities