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Movin’ & Groovin’ with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics:

Lori Elliott, Ed.D . SDE [email protected] Movin ’ & Groovin ’ with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Hang Those Bottoms Down!:

Hang Those Bottoms Down! Hang those bottoms down, down Hang those bottoms down Some letters stand tall Some sit on the wall Some hang their bottoms down, down

Phonics or Phonemic Awareness:

Phonics or Phonemic Awareness PHONICS Visual Letters and Letter Names Rule Based Print Centered Spelling to Sound System PHONEMIC AWARENESS Auditory Speech Based Speech Sounds have letters Phoneme Discrimination

Phonemic Awareness:

Phonemic Awareness Phonemic Awareness is not knowing which letter makes which sound. That is phonics. Phonemic Awareness is the awareness that words are composed of sounds, and is an important precursor to learning to read. ( Yopp , 1992).

Kids with Phonemic Awareness:

Kids with Phonemic Awareness When words start alike When words rhyme When words are long words or short words If words have “lots of letters” or just a few How to stretch letter sounds How to play with words

Development of Phonemic Awareness:

Development of Phonemic Awareness Result of exposure to written and oral language. Rhyme Tongue Twisters Silly Games with Words Clapping Syllables Singing


Assessment Levels of Phonemic Awareness Developmental Spelling Test

Phonemic Awareness Activities:

Phonemic Awareness Activities Syllables Back to Back Simon Says Rubber Band Stretch Sing Old Favorites with New Sounds Sound & Sketch/ Rhyme & Sketch


Woodchuck How much wood would a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood? A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could If a woodchuck could chuck wood!

Starfall Tongue Twisters:

Starfall Tongue Twisters

Let’s sort some words. :

Let’s sort some words. fluency writing process food poetry shopping strategies books journals friends

What is a word sort? :

What is a word sort? A strategy for understanding words and word parts. Students learn by doing. Students analyze a set of word cards for similarities. They sort the words into categories.

Why use word sorts? :

Why use word sorts? Spelling Content Build background knowledge Review Assessment Practice Reading/Fluency :

Poem of the Week:

Poem of the Week Builds fluency Work on Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Connects to themes or units of study Encourages Writing Poetry

Morning Message:

Morning Message Morning Message K-2 Use a regular and predictable format. Include a place for students to interact with the message.

Morning Message Through the Week:

Morning Message Through the Week Marvelous Monday Tangled Tuesday Wacky Wednesday Thinking Thursday Fabulous Friday

Silly Songs:

Silly Songs

I wish I Were..:

I wish I Were.. I wish I was a little caterpillar I wish I was a little caterpillar I’d go munchy munchy munchy Into everybody’s lunchy I wish I was a little caterpillar

Slide 23:

I wish I was a little mosquito I wish I was a little mosquito I’d go bitey bitey bitey Under every ladie’s nighty Oh I wish I was a little mosquito I wish I was a little motorcar I wish I was a little motorcar I’d go beepy beepy beepy As I drove right down your streety I wish I was a little motorcar

The Wishy-Washy Washerwoman :

The Wishy-Washy Washerwoman In the deep dark jungle where nobody goes There’s a wishy-washy washerwoman washing her clothes She goes “Ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh, Ooh ahh ahh and a ringy-ding-ding!”

Black Socks :

Black Socks Black socks, they never get dirty, The longer I wear them, the stronger they get! Sometimes I think I should wash them, But something inside me keeps saying , “Not yet! Not yet! Not Yet!

Green Ghoulie:

Green Ghoulie

Sing-a-Long Books:

Sing-a-Long Books

ABC Ya!:

ABC Ya !


Kerpoof !