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Power Up Your Instruction:

Power Up Your Instruction Dr. Lori Elliott SDE

Self Reflection:

Self Reflection See Page 1 of the Handout

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We’ve Always Had….

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Technology is as intimidating to this generation, as the toaster was to earlier generations .

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Constantly Connected Think Real Learning Takes Place Outside of School Like a Faster Pace

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Work and Play at the Same Time

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Desire Respect & to be Treated as Individuals Desire to Create using tools most commonly used after school Fueled by Own Interests & Passions Desire to Work with Peers, Cooperate, and Compete Desire REAL learning, not just Relevant

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Global Minded Volunteerism

Implications for the Classroom:

Implications for the Classroom Provide constant feedback and scaffold lessons Include lots of socialization and movement Use lots of Visuals Use games and challenges Make learning Real and use Digital Tools

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So What?

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Blog Without Technology:

Blog Without Technology

Comic Master:

Comic Master

VOKI for Education:

VOKI for Education





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Digital Taxonomy LOTS

Digital Taxonomy HOTS:

Digital Taxonomy HOTS

Let’s Get Visual:

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Photo Peach

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Live Binders:

Live Binders

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