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Kick Up Learning Logs & Journals:

Kick Up Learning Logs & Journals Dr. Lori Elliott SDE

What would your journal say today? :

What would your journal say today?

Why Use Some Type of Journal Writing? :

Why Use Some Type of Journal Writing? See Page 1 of Handout

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Learning Logs Reflections Brain Books Journals

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Math Journals

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Date: Number of School Day: How many students are here today ? How many ways can you make ________? Write a number sentence using the numbers from today’s date . Daily Math Journal

Weather Writing:

Weather Writing Temperature Type of Weather Words that Describe the Weather Type of Clothing I am wearing today Date:

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Temperature Type of Clouds Humidity/Precipitation Description Date:

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Problem of the Day Journal

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Problem of the Day Journal Understand : Plan : Solve It: Look Back:

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USA Today Snapshots Who would find this information valuable? Why? What information does the graph provide? How many more students preferred Print instead of Digital?

Think Like a Scientist:

Think Like a Scientist

Mystery Plants:

Mystery Plants Pass out mystery seeds to each student. They should make predictions in their journals. Record data daily. Include drawings and words. Reveal the mystery plants after growth has taken place. Compare data between the various plants and seeds.

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Social Studies

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Marjorie Priceman Joan Sweeney

Flat Stanley:

Flat Stanley

Don’t Forget to Use Google Earth and Google Maps for Flat Stanley:

Don’t Forget to Use Google Earth and Google Maps for Flat Stanley See Lori’s Latest Links for Flat Stanley Resources

Historical Fiction:

Historical Fiction My Fake Wall Fakebook

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Literacy Journals

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Alphabet Books Book Reviews Class News

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Read WriteThink.Org

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Learning Logs

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A great way to help students reflect and process their learning. Stay out on desks all day. Parents view each week.

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Letters to Mrs. Elliott

Teach Like a Techie:

Teach Like a Techie Step by Step Instructions Lesson Plan Ideas/ Instruction Get Real: Tips & Realities