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Wondering where to buy pot online in Canada? Get mail order weed, cannabis edibles, cannabis concentrates (shatter and dabs) and more via an online Dispensay here in Canada. We, at Top Shelf Express, is a compassionate organization that provides access to the best medicinal cannabis and cannabis products in Canada. For more information, visit:


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What is Top Shelf Express?:

What is Top Shelf Express? Top Shelf Express is a Canadian-owned and operated online cannabis dispensary that sells cannabis products to Canadian residents. Since 2016, Top Shelf Express has provided “Top Shelf” weed products and great customer service to thousands of Canadians each month. We make buying weed online easy by using Interac Etransfer and discreet Canada Post delivery to your door. We carry select cannabis products that are competitively priced and frequently have sales on weed products. Shop with us and receive a free gram with your first purchase! Earn reward points that you can use to purchase weed products.

The Experience:

The Experience Shop our cannabis dispensary* Add to cart Check out Send Interac Etransfer Receive your shipment by Canada Post * To buy weed from our online dispensary, you must be of legal age to use marijuana in your province or territory and must be a Canadian resident.

Weed Products:

Weed Products

Weed Strains:

Weed Strains We stock Indica, Sativa and Hybrid dried cannabis flower strains and pre-rolls. Our cannabis strains are purchased from reliable growers who have a track record of producing impeccable bud. Whether you are looking for high or low THC or CBD strains, or the perfect balance of THC and CBD, we have a weed strain for you!

Cannabis Concentrates:

Cannabis Concentrates Shatter (dabs) Tinctures Hashish THC Rosin THC Distillates CBD Oil CBD Capsules

Weed Edibles:

Weed Edibles We stock the most popular weed candy and edibles, including: Chocolate bars Gummy Bears Sours Suckers (lollipops) Caramel chews “Buzzy” peach Cannabis capsules

CBD Products:

CBD Products CBD may relieve muscle pain anxiety and depression, and reduce high blood pressure, epileptic seizures and more. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana and hemp. Read about CBD studies and potential uses at WebMD.


Vapes Cannabis vapes allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD or THC without inhaling smoke which contains carcinogens. The pen’s cartridge contains THC or CBD distillate that is heated to release a vapour containing the active ingredients. cannabis dispensary carries: Rechargeable vapes Disposable vapes Indica, Sativa and Hybrid vapes CBD vapes


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