Basic Guinea Pig Care

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Basic Guinea Pig Care Are you considering adopting a guinea pig in the near future They make wonderful pets for the right family Here a Conyers GA veterinarian goes over the basics of good guinea pig care. Cage Purchase your guinea pig a cage that is large enough to house food and water dishes an exercise area hiding huts and toys. The bottom must be solid to accommodate your pig’s bedding which will be a wood- shaving material that must be scooped out and replaced on a regular basis. Food In addition to a constant supply of timothy hay your pig will need a commercial pellet food to make up the bulk of the diet. Your guinea pig will also require the diet to be supplemented with fresh fruits and veggies every day. Some good choices include carrots lettuce celery cucumbers squash apple slices and kiwi. Handling Tips Guinea pigs are often quite skittish especially if they aren’t used to human contact. Be patient and try to work with your pig every day on getting them socialized to your touch. Ask your vet for even more great tips. Does your guinea pig need veterinary care Schedule an appointment with your vet clinic Conyers GA today.