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SHUTTLE PROCESSING (Before Flight Activities Rarely Seen By The General Public) DISCOVER --- DISCOVERY

Slide 2: 

External Tank Arrives by Barge from MS

Slide 4: 

Vertical Assembly Building External Tank

Slide 5: 

Removing External Tank From Carrier

Slide 7: 

External Tank Enters VAB

Slide 8: 

External Tank in VAB

Slide 9: 

Preparing to Lift the Tank to Vertical

Slide 10: 

Lifting Tank

Slide 11: 

Solid Rockets Are Attached

Slide 12: 

Engines Are Attached To Solids

Slide 13: 

Engines Are Attached To The Shuttle In The Shuttle Processing Facility

Slide 17: 

Shuttle In Sling Ready For Lift In VAB

Slide 18: 

Shuttle Has Been Moved To VAB And And Will Be Attached To External Tank

Slide 20: 

Shuttle is Attached

Slide 24: 

Payload Preparation Room (PPR)

Slide 25: 

Cargo Package For ISS

Slide 26: 

New Module For ISS

Slide 27: 

Payload Ready To Be Moved to The Launch Pad

Slide 29: 

Payload Carrier Leaves PPR

Slide 31: 

Payload Being Moved To Launch Pad

Slide 33: 

Lifting Payload Into Position For Insertion Into Discovery When It Arrives At The Pad

Slide 36: 

Shuttle Discovery Leaves VAB

Slide 38: 

Shuttle & Crawler Launch Pad TRIP: Length--- 3 ½ mi Time--- 6-8 hours

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Crawler Control

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We Have Lift Off

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