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Ling and Tom


Have you ever had any of these challenges? You’ve simply taken off more than you can chew Your energy for being in action falls off You lost visibility of your intent You are working so hard you’re getting exhausted and are missing joy Your efforts are bearing fruit, but you know there is a next level and are not sure how to get there.


Tom Trying to be the superhero and do it all, the reality check hit me, I couldn’t keep up the commitments. In searching for another way I realised there is more than one main thing to be done to work happily . Ling I was disheartened and had to search for ways to working with the situation. With confidence in what I learned I was able to step into a happy harmony


The dance It is natural for us to develop intentions big and small. And our vision is to have these intentions come to fruition. The workshop gives answers to the question, ‘what are the effective actions of body, mind and spirit to take’?


Workshop action plan O n three levels of causes we will clarify what will work for you.


F oundational 1st level of causes N utrition Sleep Exercise And most fundamental, care for mother earth.


Supporting 2nd level of causes Recovery Self Acceptance Meditation Making Necessity Lifting Clarity Connection to Source Belief Awareness


Enhancing 3 rd level of causes Competency Adjusting Thinking Generating Joy Gratitude Journaling


The strength of the Health and Happy Heart approach is to ensure you cover all the causes that are relevant to you.


This workshop is exceptionally priced and is in a beautiful place which is conducive to do this higher level work with ourselves.


Bonus Material You’ll receive, as part of participating in the workshop … Health factors research report from 2017 5 Back to Basics approaches to ease your stress about modern living 5 factors for Planetary optimism report


Now is the time The first three months of 2018 is coming to an close. Light up yourself and your day to get those intentions fulfilled. Can you wait to refresh yourself for another three months?


Maybe your wondering. Is it possible for me to have a transformation from this? Well, yes! The basic potential of being human which means we can create. Humans do change thinking and beliefs. You don’t have to believe everything that you think!!!! Plasticity of your brain Inspirations to give confidence Having belief and trust in cause and effect. If you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree, not an elephant.


You can see why we call it a dance


We are sooo ready for this journey. I f you are ready too then come along and settle into some sacred Dangar Island time . Be Healthy Be Happy Be Love Ling and Tom

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