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Poster Development:

Tommy Nutt Poster Development

Poster First stages:

Poster First stages Using the base picture for my poster, I cut out my main character from the b ackground, so therefore I was able to put h im on any background I wanted. By using photoshop , I was able to use the e raser tool, which enables you to rub out any part of the photograph, to remove the b ackground from the original image.

Poster early stages:

Poster early stages By cutting out the background I was able to place my image onto a black, more simple and sophisticated background. Using my poster research, I knew what the average poster already looked like so I added by film logo and other necessary logos such as copyright and my production company logo also.

Poster final stages:

Poster final stages I also added the necessary production information and website links etc. which is typically used on film posters including producers names and music directors etc. notice that it is also in the same font as all other posters for added professionalism.

Final poster stage:

Final poster stage As well as adding titles and a cover line at the top of the page, I also blended in my main c haracters hair more to the background as you can see in the early stages of this poster you c an blatantly see the hair cut off at the top, as well as this I included a very opaque image b ehind the character which you can barely see from the film as it makes the image look less p lain as it was only a solid black background at the beginning.



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