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Genre Research:

Genre Research Tommy Nutt

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ACTION The typical setting of an action film is normally in a small town in the equilibrium where everything appears to be okay. A typical action film will also use a lot of CGI to create a larger impact on the audience when watching, the CGI is often used for danger and excitement as an effect on the audience. The pyrotechnics in action films are generally over-exaggerated and made to look much more dangerous than they may be. Pyrotechnics are used to keep the audience on edge and exited. As it is shown in many of the action film trailers. Expendables 3 Trailer Good Day T o D ie Hard T railer Fast and Furious 6 Trailer The D ark K night R ises Trailer

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The C onjuring Trailer Paranormal Activity Trailer Insidious Trailer Primal Trailer Six degrees of Hell Trailer Inbred Trailer A typical horror film usually includes dark lighting effects to create a feel of mystery and tension which will have a knock on effect on the audience of fear and horror, the darkness in the scenes of the film makes the audience wonder what is in the unknown. People fear the unknown so this is a great way of scaring the audience and is why every successful horror film has an element of unknown and mystery. Horror films are usually set in the main characters house or neighbourhood. It gives the audience a sense of realisation that It may happen to them in their own home.

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Alien 1979 Trailer The M atrix Trailer District 9 Trailer Avatar Trailer Robocop Trailer Star Trek Trailer Sci-Fi films are often very postmodern and have aspects of action or thriller genres involved, Sci-Fi is a genre of fiction, dealing with imaginative content such as the future, time travel, parallel universes and life beyond the human race, such as aliens. It explores urban legends and fictional characters. Science fiction has been used to portray philosophical questions in society.

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The hangover Part 3 Anchorman 2 Trailer Ted Trailer Airplane! Trailer 21 Jump Street Trailer Superbad Trailer Comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour . These films are designed to entertain the audience through amusement, and often work by exaggerating characteristics of real life for humorous effect. The advantage that c omedy producers have are that the comedy genre appeals to all audiences and not just a niche Market.

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