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Easily Install HP Wireless Printer for Office Work Printers have become a necessity in nowadays office work. Apart from the traditional printers wireless printers have also evolved to be a great addition in an office environment. HP is one of the best manufacturers of wireless printers in the world. Their wireless printers have magnificent features. The advantages of using wireless printers are mentioned below: • You don’t have to deal with messy wires • You will get the freedom to keep the printer in any place where you desire • You can effortlessly print from any device such as mobile and tablets • You will get highest security via encryption The drivers of the printer are released on a regularly by manufacturers to add improve compatibility with newer hardware and software add extra features and fix bugs. Several printers come with an auto-update feature that looks for new updates downloads and installs them as and when they become available on the website of the manufacturer. On the other hand you can also download the latest drivers and installed them by visiting the manufacturers official website and following the appropriate links for downloads. You will need to identify the printer you have in your office to view the relevant files. Most of the printers will not require any internet connection for printing a document. They will require internet connection only if you want to print a document that is hosted online. The printing in such situations will be without any delay and will work just like a normal printing procedure. Nowadays we are using various services from Cloud and for that reason we require printing from Cloud database regularly. In such scenario the wireless printers will do the work without any issue and you will be amazed by its exemplary performance. Since access is typically fast and not requiring much contact printers can be somewhat kept hidden away freeing up space which are in high demand. Having less wires means having less devices and thus solving the problem of messy situations such as saving yourself from a nest of twisted wires that’s both hideous and even dangerous in some situations. Just like other devices on a network security precautions need to be employed in order to secure against unauthorized access to your machine on the network. Correct network security settings and network encryption technologies should stop unwanted access though every scenario can need a slightly different setup. In the end the biggest

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differentiation users will see with or without this functionality will come down to the way the users pass on data from their computer or mobile device to the printer. Wired or tethered connections can sometimes be slightly faster but having a device plugged in and noticeable can also be a major enough disadvantage to push the typical consumer towards the use of wireless device. Now let’s see why HP is the number one manufacturer of wireless type of printers in the world: • It provides low cost and affordable solutions in printing • It provides multifunction capabilities • It allows printing from mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets • It gives you the best colour printing available in the world • Their printers are of superior build quality • Their printers are of compact design giving you the freedom to keep them anywhere • They provide the best borderless photo printing in the world These features of HP wireless printer are ample proof that installing them in your office environment will boost your office productivity. It will help you accomplish your work quickly and efficiently without having to compromise on security and cost. Their maintenance cost is also not so high that enables you to save on further cost down the line. If you have made your mind on installing the above-mentioned type of printer in your office environment you will require reading the next paragraph on installing and connecting them properly on your office network. We are here to help you accomplish the tasks with absolute ease so that you can run your printer without any trouble. This article will help you with the knowledge of the correct steps to install HP wireless printer. The process can be easily completed with two methods: • Through HP Setup • Through Windows Setup Through HP Setup

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The HP Wireless Setup Wizard is used to install HP Wireless printer. There are two types of HP wireless printer e.g. with display and without display. Let’s check out the steps on the devices with display: • Go to the Network menu from settings • Pick Wireless Setup Wizard • Pick your Network SSIDand enter the Passphrase • If you are unable to find your Network you can manually insert the name of your wireless network to complete the process You can install the printer without a display with the help of USB cable. You need to follow the instructions on the Windows screen to complete the process. Through Windows setup Windows 7 • Open Control Panel and click on Devices and Printers • Opt for Add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer • You will get to select your printer from the Select a printer window • Follow the instructions to complete the installation process • If your device is not detected click on The printer that I want isn’t listed • You will need to Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname and follow the instructions If the device is not installed by the above-mentioned steps follow the below steps • Open Control Panel and click on Devices and Printers • Opt for Add a local printer this time • You will need to select Use an existing port LPT1: Printer Port • Select the manufacturer i.e. HP and select the printer from the side menu to install the drivers Windows 10 • Type Printers in the search bar to find the Printers scanners settings • Select The printer that I want isnt listed • Pick Add a Bluetooth wireless or network discoverable printer • Pick the HP wireless printer to install the drivers

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If somehow you are unable to add your printer follow the below-mentioned steps: • You will need to click The printer I want isnt listed • In the next step select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings • Use an existing port and click on Windows Update to finish the installation The steps are easy and can be completed by anyone with a little or no technical knowledge. However many people do face a lot of problem installing and connecting them in their office network. Hence it is advisable that you should consider expert hands while installing or connecting HP wireless printer. The time lost in connecting the device can be easily saved with the help of the expert technicians with their deep knowledge of installing and troubleshooting a wide variety of such types of printers. Let’s see the benefits of taking expert help in this matter: • You will save a lot of time of installation and troubleshooting • You will get your printers installed with the best setup according to the requirement of your organization • Every step will be explained clearly by the experts that will help you understand the functions of your printers perfectly • The technicians will check the functionalities of the printers during the installation and connection process • If they found any issue during the installation and the connection process they will easily troubleshoot them right in front of you If You are still facing issue related HP Printer setup . Call 1-877-353-6650 to our printer support team to fix every issue related Hp printer setup.

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