House of Chance and Mischief

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The 2010 recipient of the David C. Driskell Prize by The High Museum of Art Ms. Renee Stout

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The House of Chance and Mischief with highlights from her recent show at Hemphill Fine Arts All art work images are presented through the courtesy of Hemphill Fine Arts*

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The House of Chance and Mischief is based on a recurring dream of Ms Stout. She is walking through a familiar house and suddenly encounters a door that leads to new and mysterious rooms. Using the dream as inspiration for this exhibition, she created a cacophonous party in which the viewer wanders through a private home, glimpsing the challenging lives of characters she has developed throughout her career. She creatively renders images and objects, revealing personal, and often private, narratives. Grounded in a complex blending of cultural heritage, personal mythology, and social responsibility, the artworks are charged with the energy of talismans.

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The Secret Keeper

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House of Chance

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See Line

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The Times She Saw to Much

Slide 10: 

Woman Possessed

Slide 11: 

Marie Laveau

Slide 12: 

The Good Mother

Slide 13: 

Big Man

Slide 14: 

The Socialite

Slide 15: 

Succubus 1

Slide 16: 

Your Sleep of Reason

Slide 17: 

Back Room Bitches Brew

Slide 18: 

Its Gone Be Alright

Slide 19: 

Pretty Wings Set of 4

Slide 20: 

Pretty Wings2 White Room

Slide 21: 

In My Dream Start Over

Slide 22: 

New Orleans

Slide 23: 

In The Green Suite

Slide 24: 

Hidden Room

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Ms. Stouts many shows, awards and collections in which her works appear are disclosed at Renee Also any web search on her name will disclosed many independent and highly complimentary comments on her artistry.

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Music compositions: First Green and then Blue from the Album Aura by Miles Davis

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