Autism Therapy Techniques and Treatments

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Autism Therapy Techniques and Treatments:

Autism Therapy Techniques and Treatments Taylor Jennings

Specific Treatments:

Specific Treatments Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA)- reinforcing positive or desired behaviors Discrete Trial Training- Breaking skills down into smaller steps Pivotal Response Training- naturalistic intervention derived from ABA Verbal Behavioral Intervention- reinforces verbal behavior through ABA techniques Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions- uses ABA techniques in intensive early Intervention

Developmental Approaches:

Developmental Approaches Floortime- tailored to child and intense family involvement TEACCH- use of visual supports to promote meaning and independence Early Start Denver Model- comprehensive behavioral approach for ages 12-48 months

Related Services and Treatments:

Related Services and Treatments Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Sensory Integration Social Skills Training Picture Exchange Communication


Dietary Gluten free/casein free diet Non GMO diet Vitamin and Mineral Supplements - melatonin, omega 3, multi vitamins, and vitamin B-12

Medical Interventions for Related Symptoms and Alternative Treatment:

Medical Interventions for Related Symptoms and Alternative Treatment ADHD Depression Seizures Chelation Deep Pressure