Earthquake Safety Project

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Earthquake Safety and Preparedness : 

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness By: Tayyba Khan Per. 5/6

Earthquake Safety at Home : 

Earthquake Safety at Home Before: Eliminate hazards to reduce risk of injury or death. Make a plan, including evacuation and reunion plans. During: Duck, Cover, and Hold. After: Check for damages and injuries that need immediate attention.

Earthquake Safety at School : 

Earthquake Safety at School Before: Make sure you have a first Aid kit. Practice drill and evacuation procedures. During: Duck, Cover, and Hold. Get under anything that can protect you from falling objects. Evacuate if there is any serious damage to the school. After: Check all rooms for damage and injuries.

Earthquake Preparedness for School and Home : 

Earthquake Preparedness for School and Home Practice earthquake and evacuation drills and include anyone that could be there. Remove any nonstructural hazards that can cause injuries. Make safety kits for a period of about 3 days. Make plans for evacuation and have information for contacts that are out-of-state

Earthquake Safety Kit : 

Earthquake Safety Kit Water Food Flashlights and spare batteries First aid kit Fire extinguishers Candles and matches Blankets

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