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What different types of equipment are used in your sport? : 

What different types of equipment are used in your sport? Tennis ball Tennis shoes Tennis Racket Websites: http://www.tennisequipmentusa.com/ http://comp.uark.edu/~tennis/

The racket and ball : 

The racket and ball You use a tennis racket to hit the ball to other side of the court, going back and forth. The tennis ball is used to bounce the ball back and forth until a player misses. Websites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennis_http://static.rfid-weblog.com/rfid-weblog.com/imgname--how_about_tennis_rackets_as_rfid_reader---50226711--RFID-Tennis-Racket.jpg

The evolution/history of Tennis balls. : 

The evolution/history of Tennis balls. Balls used to be black and white, but it was depended of what color the courts were. In 1972, ITF introduced yellow tennis balls. They made them yellow because it was more visible to people watching TV. Then came high altitude balls which were introduced in the game. The size has been more shaped and more lighter. It is also very bouncy, so players can make them go back and forth. Websites: http://natemvnu.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/%E2%80%9Ctop-ten-best-things-about-mvnu%E2%80%9D/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennis_ball

How does polymer improve Tennis balls? : 

How does polymer improve Tennis balls? Leather was one of the first materials used to make tennis balls. It has a lot of friction, for gripping. Gut string is made from the outer most skin of cow intestines. It is called serosa. Natural rubber is used for the balls core, to give it the light weight and bounciness. Websites: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4306719.html http://www.brandonkelly.net/michelle/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/tennis-balls.jpg

The evolution/history of Tennis rackets. : 

The evolution/history of Tennis rackets. The history of Tennis Racquets it was more like handball, played first by hitting against a wall, then later over a crude net. While not gruesome, hitting a ball with one's hand proved a little too uncomfortable after a while, so players began using gloves. Some players then tried using webbing between the fingers of the glove, while others took to using a solid wooden paddle. Websites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennis http://monogramsbycartier.com/sports

How do polymers improve Tennis rackets? : 

How do polymers improve Tennis rackets? Since it lasts long and moisture can’t damage it, they’re a variety of synthetic polymers that have been chemically compounded into strings for use in tennis rackets. The strings are lacking in strength. The strings break when exposed to higher temperatures, therefore losing the tension in the stringed racket Websites: http://www.arkema-inc.com/index.cfm?pag=356 http://www.jtsports.co.uk/images/illustrations/tennis-rackets.jpg

How polymers were important in construction. : 

How polymers were important in construction. Polymers have played a key role in the construction of homes and other important structures for thousands of years. It is important, because it tell us what the meaning of polymer and it is something plastic. We play basketball, football, and soccer in the fields. Websites: http://torontofc.theoffside.com/files/2009/12/football-field-2.jpg http://diggerdigital.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/tennis_court.jpg

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