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NBA : 

NBA Ryu Takumi Katsuya Ayako : 

Type of business in NBA entertainment Goals of NBA “make money” “provide entertainment” Type of sector in NBA is For profit

Example of managerial functions : 

Example of managerial functions Planning examples Making good games and spread Leading example Building up Organizing example Decide rules Controlling example Trading player

Steps in decision making : 

Steps in decision making Recognize the need for a decision Find which is the most important thing for the company Example Each team in NBA think what luck of their team and get person who will improve their team.

Slide 5: 

2.Generate (create) alternatives Making a lot of choices Example They make the list of candidates

Slide 6: 

3.Evaluate (assess) the options Judgment of list Example They judge the people on the list whether the candidate will improve the team or not.

Slide 7: 

4.Choose an option Select the best things for them from the list Example Decide person from list

Slide 8: 

5.Implement option To do it, to use it Example They try to use the person in the game

Slide 9: 

6.Learn from feedback To see the results and fix the wrong things Example They judge whether the person will improve their team. If the person does not match the team, they need to trade for another person.

About NBA as an organization : 

About NBA as an organization NBA’s strategy : differentiation NBA’s environment : other professional sports group Necessary technology in NBA : good basketball skills (player) Good coach skills (coach) Good marketing skills

Slide 11: 

Type of organizational structure in NBA : Hybrid Each team can decide their own structure The NBA has decentralized authority. Each team has its own decision making.

Organizational structure : 

Organizational structure

Mission statement of the NBA : 

Mission statement of the NBA “Our mission is to be the most successful and respected professional sports league in the world guided by two principles.”

Two principles of the NBA : 

Two principles of the NBA The NBA wants to advance and celebrate the game of basketball The NBA understands that the popularity and visibility of their teams, players, and league obligate them to demonstrate leadership in social responsibility

Implementing strategy : 

Implementing strategy Managers must separate strong players, if the best players are all on the same team, the game will not be exciting. Formulating strategy Managers must analyze teams and think what they need

Slide 16: 

Corporate level of NBA : Commissioner Corporate strategy : Single-business They make about basketball

Goal of each strategy : 

Goal of each strategy Corporate : entertain people Mid-level : make strong teams First-level : be a champion

Slide 18: 

Long-term : Get a lot of money, entertain people Intermediate : Tournament champion Short-term : Win the game everyday


SWOT Strength : basketball is popular sports originally Weakness : customer don’t come to watch weak team’s game Opportunities : they are volunteering in another country Threats : other sports become popular than NBA

5forces model : 

5forces model Level of competition : other team or other sports Potential for entry : person who has good skills Power of suppliers : NBA need supplies to get balls and players Power of customers : it’s important if tickets are too expensive, customers won’t come Threat of substitute products : if another basketball company are made, NBA must compete

Code of conduct in NBA : 

Code of conduct in NBA For example : Players will respect and appreciate each and every fan. Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all arena and team personnel.

Charity : 

Charity Example : health-related causes encourage young people to read for developing their life youth and family development the NBA began its support of AIDS research and education

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