Advantages of Using 2d Handheld Barcode Scanner


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Advantages of Using 2d Handheld Barcode Scanner Barcodes are among the most influential and beneficial technologies of the century. The ubiquitous black and white bars that are found on almost every product or product packaging in the market brought about an entirely new level of efficiency that has enabled large-scale and global inventory tracking. Without these humble stripes many business processes as we know them today wouldn’t even be possible and keeping track of almost anything with as much accuracy is unimaginable. Over the years barcode reader technologies have also evolved from laser-based scanners to imagers like the 2D barcode scanner which offers new capabilities and significantly improves scanning efficiency. Laser scanning technologies and systems have pretty much remained the same since laser- based scanners were first developed although improvements and advances in terms of their speed and accuracy can also be attributed to their continued prevalence. Today however the 2d barcode scanner along with the similar types of imagers are making waves in barcoding offering important updated capabilities like reading 2D barcodes. The right barcode scanning solution is a critical choice and business should ensure that the system they pick will work for their scanning needs and streamline their processes. Laser scanners are tried and tested technologies that offer reliability and economy. However they too have limitations such as poor reflection or absorption when dealing with poorly printed codes. This is where the 2D barcode scanner comes to play. 2D scanners or imagers are praised for their aggressive reading capabilities and additional functions. Instead of reading reflected light of a barcode an imager photographs the entire code. Optimized to recognize high contrast between the black and white codes scanners can quickly decode information oftentimes at a much faster rate than traditional laser scanners. They also offer the advantage of being able to read a barcode from/in any direction and on any surface be it sideways right-side-up or upside down on a screen printed on a package or elsewhere on a product. This translates to faster scanning and decoding of barcodes even those that are poorly printed or damaged as imagers are smart enough to extract information from a scanned object as long as parts of it are still readable. Another major advantage of a 2D barcode scanner is that it can read all types of barcodes including 1D 2D postal and even stacked barcodes. This makes scanner technologies a good choice for businesses or operations that deal with a variety of code types.

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