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http://www.timefreedombusiness.com - Melissa Ingold shares three of her strategies for freeing up more time in your day and living the lifestyle of your choice. Even experienced service providers and business owners can feel burned out and start to resent their clients, so outsourcing can be a great solution to relieve some stress and breathe new life into your business. Melissa also shares how a calendar can keep you focused, how to set clear boundaries with clients and why a virtual assistant should hire their own virtual assistant.


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Episode 3 Three Strategies for Creating More Time Freedom! www.TimeFreedomBusiness.com

About Melissa:

About Melissa Wife & mother to 2 active kids and one crazy dog Loves to watch her kids play sports and is their #1 cheerleader Successful product creator & JV partner Runs 5 different membership programs Blogger & podcaster

Strategy #1 – Use a Calendar:

Strategy #1 – Use a Calendar Allows you to plan & prioritize your work Keeps tasks organized so you know what to do each day Helps keep you focused instead of being distracted You can see at a glance if you’re working on money-making activities

Strategy #1 – Use a Calendar:

Strategy #1 – Use a Calendar Keeps client work prioritized Helps you remember all your client responsibilities Be careful of To Do lists – if you keep adding on tasks you may get overwhelmed Basecamp has a calendar function that makes for easy planning

Strategy #1 – Use a Calendar:

Strategy #1 – Use a Calendar Keep your personal calendar in the same location so you can work around your family time Use whichever system works best for YOU At the end of the day, write down the top 3 things you must accomplish the next day You’ll know exactly where to start the next morning

Organizing & Prioritizing:

Organizing & Prioritizing Learn how to be more organized If clients are where you make money, do client work first thing If you don’t make time for that client work, you’ll lose clients Set boundaries with clients so they don’t expect 24/7 service

Strategy #2 – Clear Work Hours:

Strategy #2 – Clear Work Hours There will be times when you need to work in the evenings There will be times when you need to log extra hours But if you don’t set boundaries with your clients & yourself, business will just take over your private life

Strategy #2 – Clear Work Hours:

Strategy #2 – Clear Work Hours Boundaries will give you the freedom to spend time with your kids, partner, friends Clear work hours will give you freedom to enjoy your weekends & do fun stuff Figure out when you’re most productive Make the most of that productive time

Melissa’s Strategy:

Melissa’s Strategy Work from 8am til 3pm In the summer she works only 2-4 hours per week If you stay focused during work hours, you can walk out at 3pm without worrying about projects You can even work from 10am til 2pm and still make a good living online!

Strategy Recap:

Strategy Recap Use a calendar to prioritize tasks Set clear work hours & boundaries, especially if you have a client-based business

For Business Owners:

For Business Owners Use these same strategies for planning projects so your team doesn’t get frazzled with tight deadlines You won’t receive good quality with constant rush jobs

Strategy #3 – Hire a VA:

Strategy #3 – Hire a VA Avoid getting your own work mixed up with client work Hire a VA to assist with client projects OR to assist with your personal marketing projects For example, VAs can take blog posts & format them into a Kindle book They can load messages into your autoresponder

Strategy #3 – Hire a VA:

Strategy #3 – Hire a VA Start out with hiring a VA for just a few hours each month Prepay so you’re not stressed about paying at end of month Be clear with each project how much time she should spend on it An experienced VA can finish projects more quickly than you can

3 Strategies for Creating More Time Freedom:

3 Strategies for Creating More Time Freedom Use a calendar or To Do list – organize & prioritize Set business hours – when are YOU most productive? Hire help – start slowly & grow

PowerPoint Presentation:

Want to Learn More About Building a Business that Supports Your Need for Freedom? Go to Melissa’s Website at: www.TimeFreedomBusiness.com

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