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Action Plan:

TONYA Igleheart EDLD 5352 Action Plan

Integrating Technology Flow Chart:

Integrating Technology Flow Chart Superintendent------------------------------------- Assistant Superintendent -------------------------------------------- Curriculum Director -------------------------------------------------- Instructional Technology Coordinator --------------------------------------------- Principal -------------------------------------------------------- Campus Technology -------------------------------------------------------- Representative -------------------------------------------------------- Teachers --------------------------------------------------------


Roles Superintendent: *ensures employment of highly qualifies staff Assistant Superintendent: *ensures funding for technology initiatives Curriculum Director: *ensures that Technology TEKS are being integrated into core classes Principal: *develop and implement budget for a technology plan that align resources to improve student learning *offer expanded curriculum via online, digital technology, and distance learning *provide opportunities for relevant and timely staff development *plan appropriate technology use throughout the teaching and learning process *use date appropriately in decision making

Roles Continued:

Roles Continued Instructional Technology Coordinator: *completes grants *develops technology inservice training *provide instructional support Campus Technology Representative: *assists with STaR chart *assists with inservice training *available for day to day support Teachers: *integrate problem solving skills into technology *teach state required TEKS * evaluate student progress

Professional Development Plan:

Professional Development Plan Analysis of needs to be addressed: Teachers will be provided training in the following areas: *Identification of curricula and teaching strategies that integrate technology effectively. *Acceptable Use Policy for Computers *Internet safety *Training on new equipment to ensure proficiency Professional Development will be provided in a timely manner with ongoing support provided by the technology coordinator and representative on each campus. Best technology practices will be identified and used in classrooms.

Data Analysis:

Data Analysis Teachers will use student performance data and curriculum materials that are provided and managed electronically in instructional planning. Data will be acquired from gradebook , RSCCC, AEIS, AYP, and TAKS reports. Documentation of technology TEKS will be recorded on lesson plans. STaR chart will be utilized to provide information to teachers that will enable them to identify specific weaknesses and take steps to improve those areas of weakness. Comprehensive evaluations will be conducted after professional development to review effectiveness of training and benefits to teachers.

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