Animal Rescue League of WPA: 1909-2009

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A brief animated and interactive history of the Animal Rescue League of Western PA from its start in 1909 to a review of the many successes in 2008. Also, things to come for our Centennial Celebration in 2009!


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Animal Rescue League of Western PAWhere Love Begins. : 

Animal Rescue League of Western PAWhere Love Begins. 1909-2009:Our First Century of Serving Animals

Centennial Celebration : 

Centennial Celebration The Animal Rescue League of Western PA proudly celebrates 100 years of serving the needs of animals. Our Centennial Slogan: One hundred years. One million smiles!

1909: Committing to the Cause : 

1909: Committing to the Cause 1909:The Animal Rescue League was founded in order to provide humane treatment to homeless animals and change the public’s ideas about animal welfare. The Animal Rescue League receives its official incorporation on October 30, 1909.

The League’s Early Years : 

The League’s Early Years 1912-1920:The Animal Rescue League establishes City Station on Kirkwood Street and becomes the city’s reluctant “dog catchers”- the first such contract in the country.

The League’s Early Years : 

The League’s Early Years 1920’s-1950’s:The League continues to grow, converting a livery stable on Denniston Street into a shelter. The League helps the City of Pittsburgh fight two serious rabies epidemics, in 1928 and in 1940.

6620 Hamilton Avenue : 

6620 Hamilton Avenue 1950’s-1960’s:In 1963, the League moves into its current location at 6620 Hamilton Avenue in Pittsburgh’s East End. The ARL holds rabies clinics, working to eradicate rabies in the Pittsburgh region.

Veterinary Care at the ARL : 

Veterinary Care at the ARL 1970’s-1980’s:The ARL continues to serves as a model shelter, bringing on a full-time veterinarian to serve animals, both sheltered and from the public. During this time, spaying and neutering becomes required for all animals adopted from the Animal Rescue League.

Recent History : 

Recent History 1990’s- 2000:The ARL expands its veterinary services, and continues to improve the care of shelter animals. We also add a larger garage, expand the clinic lobby, and add a multi-purpose room for trainings and meetings. In 1997, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, operated by the Animal Rescue League, was established.

This Millennium’s Milestones : 

This Millennium’s Milestones 2000-PresentThe Animal Rescue League continues to develop new programs and services: 2002: Off-Site Adoptions at local Petco stores 2005: “Open Paw” Training & Socialization Program 2006: Full-Time Foster Care Coordinator Hired Our first hundred years of dedication and many milestones lead the Animal Rescue League to uphold our current mission:To provide temporary shelter, food, medical attention, and comfort to all abandoned, neglected and injured animals brought to us by the community; to restore lost animals to their owners or seek new homes for them, and to educate the public about the humane care of animals with the goal of reducing overpopulation.

2008: The Year in Numbers : 

2008: The Year in Numbers 5,121 Animals Adopted from the ARL, with 1,280 Adoptions Off-Site at Local Petco Stores 5,585 Surgeries Performed by the Talented Staff of the ARL’s Clinic 600 Average # of Hours Logged By ARL Volunteers PER WEEK in 2008– THANK YOU! $100,000 Raised at the 9th Annual Paw Prints Gala, held in June at the Regional Enterprise Tower. 47,526 Visits to ARL’s Redesigned Website (Launched on 10/26/08, above total is thruDecember 31, 2008)

Drive for Five 2008 : 

Drive for Five 2008 THE GOAL Since the ARL is an Open-Door Shelter, no animal in need is ever turned away. This policy results in thousands of Animals that must temporarily receive shelter at our facility each year. In 2008, the Drive for Five Campaign was launched with the hopes of finding homes for 5,000 adoptable animals in a single year! THE PLANWe received support from many places as we worked towards the highest number of adoptions the Animal Rescue League would facilitate in one year. *ARL Staff committed to the goal and successfully placed thousands of animals into loving homes. *Our many friends and supporters signed up to receive weekly email blasts featuring current adoptable pets and the Drive for Five Adoptions-to-Date Counter. *Generous donors made contributions that helped the ARL absorb costs associated with caring for and finding homes for animals waiting for homes. *Volunteers made and distributed fliers, spread the word, and encouraged adoptions.

Drive for Five 2008 : 

Drive for Five 2008 THE SUCCESS! On December 23rd, Tela, a young Shepherd mix, was the 5,000th pet adopted from the Animal Rescue League in 2008! Local news media covered Tela’s departure from the shelter with her new family, the Hewitts.Click here for video from Tela’s big day, courtesy of KDKA-TV. “We’re not rescuing her, she’s rescuing us,” remarked Tom Hewitt as he prepared the pup for the ride to her new home.

“Over-Pop” Stop : 

“Over-Pop” Stop Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Programs:The ARL provides low cost, high quality spay/neuter programs to members of the community. Presently, the cost to spay a female cat at the ARL is $45, to neuter a male, is $30. These rates are nearly 50% less than the same service offered by other area facilities. In keeping with our mission to control the overpopulation of unwanted animals, ARL Staff worked aggressively to spay or neuter more than 5,000 animals in 2008. Spay the Mom Program:Our Spay the Mom program helps domesticated cats. When an unwanted litter of kittens is surrendered to the ARL, we offer to spay the mother cat at no cost to the pet owner. We hope that this program catches on and that by offering it, we can reduce the number of unwanted kittens that find their way to our shelter each Spring & Summer. Spay Days:Once a month our clinic opens its doors to cat owners who cannot afford our already discounted clinic services. If the cat has current vaccinations, spaying/neutering costs only $25. Visit our Veterinary Clinic’s Page on the ARL’s website for upcoming Spay Days and more info.

Rosedale Kennel in Verona : 

Rosedale Kennel in Verona Boarding, Grooming, & Shelter Breaks-Oh My!The Animal Rescue League operates Rosedale Kennels, located in on a serene, country-like area of land in Verona. Dogs are treated to an indoor and outdoor run, which allows for fresh air on the outside and a warm bed on the inside. Our kennel is able to house up to 50 dogs. The Animal Rescue League's professional staff is on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing care for all of the dogs.We are happy to also offer grooming services to our clients. In late 2008, one of our generous supporters donated a brand new grooming table to our Animal Care Team. In addition to the pets of paying clients, the kennel also serves as an “vacation spot” for dogs waiting to be adopted from the Animal Rescue League. Being able to move long-timers from the shelter to a bigger area with room to run and play at Rosedale has proven very effective for keeping these animals happier and healthier as they wait for a forever home. Rosedale is open all year for boarding & bathing needs. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Heart & Soul of the ARL : 

The Heart & Soul of the ARL Volunteers & Foster Parents:With limited resources and meager facilities, we could not fulfill our mission without the generosity and devotion of our volunteer and foster groups. From walking dogs in frigid temperatures, to showcasing animals at public events, ARL Volunteers allow us to care for and place thousands of animals each year. When our shelter overflows with animals or we acquire homeless pets that require extra attention, ARL Foster Parents eagerly open their doors and hearts to provide temporary care and shelter until we have space or a permanent home available. The Animal Rescue League thanks each and every volunteer and foster parent for all of their time and energy. Their love of animals allows us to continue to save thousands of homeless animals every year!

Keeping Shelter Animals Active : 

Keeping Shelter Animals Active Improving Animal Care in 2008:In an effort to keep our animals healthy and happy while staying in the shelter, new activities are taking place. An agility course is available for use in the dog runs- it is a great assistance in exercising active breeds- both physically and mentally.We take in many large and high energy dog breeds, and they sometimes need extra physical activity to balance the time spent in a small space in the kennel. In-kind donations of folding treadmills allow the Animal Care Team to let our livelier pups “run” and get that energy out. Our kitties like to play and romp about as well. This year we acquired multiple accessories so our cats can climb, hide, and play when they have a break from their cages. Our volunteer cat cuddlers also make special efforts to spend time interacting with the felines in order to keep them socialized and happy. And yes, when we shelter small animals, such as ferrets, they enjoy the cat houses too! Finally, our rabbit volunteers devote much of their time to letting the bunnies romp about- out of their cages- but within a large wire fence that is easily set-up in our Multi-Purpose Room. The extra care and attention paid to adoptable pets through these new methods, will allow us to keep the animals well-behaved, relaxed, and happy- which will allow them to make their best impressions when they meet a potential adoptive parent.

Every Gift Counts! : 

Every Gift Counts! Donations Make A Difference:Whether it’s a spare dime or an old blanket- donations make it easier for the Animal Rescue League to provide our services to animals in need. Interested in In-Kind Donations? See the Wish List on our website- something that you don’t need could make a big difference at the Animal Rescue League. Monetary donations pay for every day operations and special programs. Through our website and improved email campaigns, it is now easy for donors to quickly make secure online donations!

Making Our Mission Known : 

Making Our Mission Known Increased Community Presence in 2008! From fundraising events, to public appearances with adoptable animals, the Animal Rescue League made a significant effort to increase name and mission recognition throughout the Pittsburgh Area in 2008. 2008 Events & Activities Included:PA Week for the Animals Activities Pet Therapy Visit to Children’s InstituteWeekly City Council Visits with Adoptable Pets HOWL-O-WEEN Pet Costume ContestShadyside’s Holiday Tent on WalnutPetco Pictures with SantaShelter Pets at Third-Party Fundraisers9th Annual Paw Prints Gala

Visit Us- Online, Anytime! : 

Visit Us- Online, Anytime! Improved Website ARL Social Network Email Alerts Secure Online Donations Drive for Five Updates In 2008, we worked to improve the methods of communication for our donors and supporters. Get the ARL info you want, at your convenience! Feeling generous? Donating is a (secure) click away! Visit the ARL website, register your email address, and join the ARL Online Network today!Send email to [email protected] with “JOIN” as the subject to receive email alerts about ARL News & Events. Visit the ARL’s NEW & IMPROVED website TODAY!

ARL in the News : 

ARL in the News Boomer:Boomer came to us from the Penn Hills Police department, where he was found tied in front of the station. He was very thin and his leg muscles had atrophied from too much time spent in too small of a crate. He also had a tangle of wires in his stomach. Animals that have been neglected can have serious social problems, destructive behaviors and separation anxiety.  By spending a few days in a home with other animals, we determined that Boomer would be a suitable pet for adoption, so his medical conditions were treated and he took a spot in the kennel. He wouldn’t remain homeless for long… A message from Boomer:“After just three weeks at the shelter, I found my forever home! I now live with my new mom and dad, another dog who was rescued, and even two cats! I am at a healthy weight, and it doesn’t hurt when I walk. I am the luckiest dog in the world! Thanks, Animal Rescue League, for taking care of me when no one else would!” Boomer came to the ARL as a very sick and scared dog!

ARL in the News : 

ARL in the News Controlling The Feral Cat Population: Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) is a growing program at the ARL. The ARL spays/neuters feral cats brought to us by approved colony managers, administers rabies vaccines and tips the cats’ ears for $30 per cat, significantly below cost. The cats are then returned to their colony. We also provide this discounted rate to the local feral cat management groups in the area. The ARL also works collaboratively with the other local shelters in the Three Rivers Feral Project, which targets specific neighborhoods to conduct mass trapping and surgery days. We held the first mass trapping at our facility in June, and were able to trap, neuter and return 60 cats from the Hazelwood neighborhood. The Animal Rescue League will work aggressively spay or neuter 1,000 feral cats in 2009.

ARL in the News : 

ARL in the News Taking Tootsie Home:A stray dachshund picked up by City of Pittsburgh Animal Control and brought to the ARL turned out to be the missing dog of a family in New Jersey! “Tootsie” was stolen from his family’s yard- 5 years ago! After confirmation of ownership via Tootsie’s implanted microchip, Tootsie was reunited with his family a few days prior to Thanksgiving. This story received international press coverage and Tootsie’s tale steered thousands of new visitors to the ARL’s website.Click here to view a video diary of Tootsie’s journey home. Video link is courtesy of

ARL in the News : 

ARL in the News Reuben & Kincaid: Strays Together, Stay Together The only thing a little girl wanted for Christmas was a dog– well, 2 actually– but her parents thought one would be more than enough for the six year old. The family came to the Animal Rescue League and adopted Reuben, a terrier mix. The shelter was full of animals, so Reuben was sharing a run with a dachshund mix named Kincaid. They were found together as strays. Soon after Reuben went home he displayed signs of depression, lethargy, and general unhappiness. The family brought Reuben back to the ARL for check up, thinking he may be sick. And he was– heartsick for his best friend, Kincaid. The moment the two dogs saw each other, they both immediately perked up and started scampering about in one of the League’s meeting rooms. There was really no question– Santa was bringing two dogs to one lucky little girl. This happy story was featured in a piece by Dave Crawley on KDKA’s 6:00pm news on December 24, 2008. Click here to view the video courtesy of KDKA-TV

ARL in the News : 

ARL in the News What Drove the Drive: With less than a month left in 2008, our Drive for Five counter was nearly 200 adoptions short of the goal. With an abundance of coverage from the local news media, the community flocked to the shelter and it seemed as if no one left empty handed! Combined with timely email blasts, media exposure was critical in quickly getting to our goal. The ARL placed 300 animals into adoptive homes in only 11 DAYS! Our 5,000th adoption of 2008, Tela, went home on 12/23/08. 2008 Adopted Pets!

A Few of the Five (Thousand) : 

A Few of the Five (Thousand) More Animals That Found Homes in 2008:

2009: Upcoming Events : 

2009: Upcoming Events Many other new and exciting events and programs will be announced throughout the year! Check our website frequently, or subscribe to ARL email alerts, to get the latest information. You won’t want to miss any of the excitement planned for the Animal Rescue League’s Centennial Celebration!

Do the Math! : 

Do the Math! The Animal Rescue League of Western PA proudly celebrates one hundred years of saving the lives of thousands upon thousands of animals in need allowing our furry friends to bring millions of smiles to the world. Be a part of the equation, as we begin another century of success!

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