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Citronella oil plays a significant role in various things such as protect your skin from getting infected as well as repelling mosquitoes and insects. More Info:


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A Vital Essential Oil with Tremendous Benefits- Must Use:

A Vital Essential Oil with Tremendous Benefits- Must Use We are the only distributors of Tian Long Citronella Oil in Singapore. Our main aim is to encourage everybody to use Tian Longs Citronella Oil for the numerous benefits that it has and make it available for more and more people to use it in their daily lives. About Tian Long Citronella Oil and Benefits With its diverse benefits you can make use of the oil in the following conditions- Aroma Therapy - the oil is extremely effective and best suited as an anti depressant, in cases of aroma therapy to eradicate problems related to emotional and mental strain. It provides relief in states of anxiety, stress, depression, or any other negative feeling. It has some really wonderful healing properties and can be used in the form of conventional medicine.

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Antiseptic-  Citronella Essential Oil  has effective antiseptic properties as well and is helpful in treating wounds like minor cuts, burns, scrapes, etc and prevents further infection in the body due to it. The wound should be cleaned first. Anti Bacterial —   The oil consists of certain components which destroy bacteria in an effective way and curbing the growth of bacteria in the body. There are various types of skin infections in which the oil is very suitable and can be essentially used in order to stop further infection in the skin. It can prevent further infection and can fight all kinds of bacterial growth or formation of bacteria due to some wound or any other infection Deodorant -It is also used as a deodorant for driving away any body odour and can be sprayed on the body in very small quantities. It will help you feel fresh with its rich and fresh aroma. It consists of natural ingredients which does not harm the skin when applied and used as a deodorant. Insect Repellent - It is also a  Natural Mosquito Repellent  it is an effective insect repellent and is specially used in repelling mosquitoes. It is completely non toxic and natural without harming the environment or the wildlife. It can be used anywhere and can also be treated in cases of insect bites.

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Our aim The oil plays a significant role in various things. We Tian Long would like to promote more and more of Long Citronella Oil for its incredible benefits that can actually bring a lot of comfort in the lives of people and would like to make it available by proper distribution channels so that the product can be made available to all. Its uses are bountiful and benign. You must take an advantage of this oil and help get cured in your illness as well. It has a favorable effect on your skin, body, mind and spirit and will uplift your moods in a positive manner. It’s a valuable item which can benefit you in the long run. We want more and more people to use this product in order to gain all its advantages. Its an essential medical aid in many cases as well .

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