An Introduction to Through Channel Marketing Automation

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Marketing, branding, communication with target audience - these things are becoming complex than ever and is affecting every possible types of businesses. Once in a while, marketing gurus finds their eureka moments and proposes elegant solutions to tough problems. But conceptualizing is the easy part. Implementation and execution is the key to business problems. This post aims to discuss a burning problem in the area of channel marketing in a very lucid manner.


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An Introduction to Through Channel Marketing Automation It is easier to go along and reach a meaningful conclusion if we reconcile with basic facts at the very beginning. After all I wouldn’t find it very gratifying to waste your time and energy on reading a blog post if we are not on the same frequency with some bare facts - facts that forms the pretext for the rest of this post. Let me make this clear - this post attempts to explain the role of modern technology in ramping up the revenue of an old business model. The specifics I shall reveal very soon. But if you are hell bent on reminiscing the ‘good old days’ where everything was done manually at the cost of efficiency in the business process then I encourage you to read something else. At the bare minimum I expect an open mind that accepts facts and reasoning. You will shortly come across some terms that might be part of alien language to you and trust me when I say that I also had the same kind of reaction when I heard those things a couple of

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years back. But there is nothing to worry about as I will keep the technical and business jargons to the minimum and if I use one I will explain it in the simplest possible terms. Now that we have set the tone let me disclose what this fuss is all about. The problem starts Legacy companies have well established sales channels to market their products / services and provide customer service. This has been the way business is done and will continue to be part of any upcoming business no matter how much the technology and business landscape changes. However modern organizations have also realized the fact that this is simply not enough to compete and sustain in the hyper-competitive market. So what is the way out A great concept This is where marketing gurus have come up with a fantastic idea - why not leverage the power and reach of our channel partners to increase the reach of target audience After all channel partners have a strong knowledge base specific to their customers and also they have the marketing foothold in their respective domains and geographical presence. More problems no respite A great concept indeed but implementing the concept is much more tougher than it sounds. Like every good idea this one also comes with its own set of unique challenges. First most of the channel partners are not good at marketing. Moreover it is extremely difficult to make channel partners follow the branding strategies and marketing guidelines. They have their own set of rules by which they have been playing the game and it’s next to impossible to make them swallow the standards set by someone else. Even if a company and its channel partners reach a consensus the question of consistency and dedication in protecting the brand always lurks around the corner. In today’s connected world bad things spread like wildfire and the reputation built over years can be demolished in a few minutes with just one wrong move. Ray of hope

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At this juncture the solution is obvious - coming up with a mechanism that ensures that channel partners have little control over what reaches to the audience or how it reaches them. By diminishing their involvement the chances of messing up things are greatly reduced. However this is too abstract and businesses need something more tangible and measurable. So what is the holy grail of channel marketing that holds the key to all these problems The answer lies in ‘Through Channel Automation’ or ‘Through Channel Marketing Automation’ abbreviated as TCMA. What is the solution exactly Through Channel Automation is an emerging technology that empowers companies to have greater and granular control over the communication that reaches to their target audience through digital space. The technology consists of software tools and content that equips channel partners to deliver the right message in the tone desired by the parent company. Moreover it is also possible to uniquely customize and increase the parent company’s brand presence. The technology solutions for Through Channel Marketing that are present in the market are geared towards delivering a strategic advantage and greater ROI in the long run as the solutions focusses on making digital marketing email marketing search advertising etc. all part of a coherent consistent and well planned marketing strategy. It also smoothes out the edges in governance of marketing initiatives and help the company’s management measure the progress of their campaigns in an unified way. As the first post on the series of blogs that are about to come on the topic of Through Channel Marketing we have created the scope and outlined its strengths. In the upcoming posts we shall discuss in much greater detail about each and every aspect of this sort of technology solution. Stay tuned